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Intoduce myself

Hi. I'm originally from the Jan 2012 board (EDD 1/10/2012) however my son Phineas arrived early on Dec 15 when I was admitted to hospital for concern that I was developing symptoms of HELLP syndrome. Fortunately, I was able to deliver him vaginally about 5 hrs following admit after the doctor broke my water. We were able to discharge two days later and everything seems to be resolving (my BP is normalizing, Phineas is eating more & gaining weight, we are slowly getting our house in order - I thought I would have more time to nest). I'm still waiting on some blood labs taken yesterday - hopefully my liver enzymes are coming down and my blood count is going back up. Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself as I will probably pop over to this board from time to time.

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Welcome and congratulations on your baby boy!!

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Congrats on your sweet baby and welcome to December! I'm kind of in the same boat as you are... my due date was in December but I had him in November... but I straddled both boards anyway!

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Welcome and congrats!!

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Welcome to the board Smile

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Welcome and congrats! Glad your hellp syndrome seems to be resolving!

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Welcome and jump right in!