It's a.........

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It's a.........

Baby GIRL!!!!!!

I had my big u/s today, and everything looked great! All organs looked good, heartbeat was 161, baby measures right on track and weighs 9 ounces Smile

At first baby didn't want to show her stuff, the tech had me roll over to my side twice to try to move her around, but her little legs stayed closed (husband said it's a good thing she knows to keep her legs closed LOL), but she finally got a clear shot of the three little lines and said "It's a girl!" Yahoo

Here's her face:

And her legs...I love this one!

And her little foot:

I am in love! Smile

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Congrats!!! Biggrin

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Awww! You got great pics!

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Congrats on your little girl!!

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Congratulations on your baby girl!!!!!!!

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Yahoo Congrats on your baby girl!!!! How exciting!!

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go PINK!!!!! the leg shot is so cute!!! Congrats!!! did you have a feeling either way of what you were having?

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Thanks everyone!!!

I don't know if you remember my thread a few weeks ago after my last u/s...the tech said she *thought* it might be a girl but not to go buy anything pink yet..That totally shocked me since I've been thinking boy all along. I was still expecting to see some boy parts yesterday, but nope! Either way I am soo excited. I couldn't even sleep last night because I was so happy about our little girl Smile

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I'm excited about your little girl too! Congrats on her and finding out FOR SURE!

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Adorable! Congrats!

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Congrats on a girl Katie!! Sounds like you got the exact results you were hoping for. WOO-HOO!!

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Woohoo! congrats!!

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Yay!!! How exciting!! Congratulations on your baby girl and joining team PINK!! :woohoo:

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Yayyyyy!!! Baby girls are the best, congrats!!

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Thanks y'all! We are just over the moon for our little Harper! Smile

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Oh, Harper is such a sweet name for a girl! Love it!!

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That is great! Congrats!

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".hilary." wrote:

Oh, Harper is such a sweet name for a girl! Love it!!

Thank you! Its one name me and my husband both liked and agreed on Smile

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Congratulations on your baby girl! I LOVE the name Harper!

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Congratulations on your baby girl!! Nice that she cooperated after all Biggrin

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Congrats on a Baby Girl!!

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