Jenn (Jenn0113) had her baby!

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Jenn (Jenn0113) had her baby!

Kara arrived this morning! Jenn texted me at 9:05am CST saying she weighs 7lbs 1oz. I will post any updates with more details if I receive them.

Welcome to the world Kara! Smile

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Yay!!!! Congrats Jenn!

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:lurk: Congrats on Kara!

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Yay!!! Welcome to the world Kara!! Can't wait to hear more about her.

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Hi, this is Jenn's best friend Smile Just wanted to let you know there's a picture of Kara on the November 08 board. I'd post it here but I can't host pictures at work, so go check out the beauty! She was 20.5 inches long.

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Congratulations Jenn! So happy for you! Kara is just beautiful!

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Congratulations!! What a cutie-pie!:)

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Congrats Jenn! Welcome to the World Kara!

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congrats Jenn! Kara is beautiful

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**Lurker** Congrats Jenn!!!! Smile So happy for you!!!

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Congrats jenn! She's beautiful!

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Awww such a cutie. Welcome to the world lil Mrs Kara

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Congrats Jenn, she's so beautiful!!!

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Congrats Jenn! WTTW Kara! Smile

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Congratulations Jenn! I love the picture--she is gorgeous!

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Congrats Jenn- what a cutie!!

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Belated congrats Jenn. She is adorable.

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I already knew this from FB but I'll say again congrats Jenn and WTTW baby Kara!!! She's just beautiful!