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Just checking in!

Hey everyone! I have been so bad about keeping up with you guys! There have been a lot of ups and downs with Daddy, and lots of family coming into town, etc....

I am so excited to see the babies starting to arrive!!! And jealous- I am so uncomfortable!:rolleyes: But, at her small size, LO needs to keep baking. They pushed off my next u/s until Tuesday, so I won't know about her weight gain until then. Hopefully, I will still be able to deliver at my original hospital, and not at the 'big' one downtown. (At least I would be close to Daddy, though!)

I am trying not to worry about her size. I figure MOST of the issues with low birth weight babies are with premature babies, and I am now at full term. Plus, while I was a large baby, DH and his entire family were all less then 6 pounders... Of course, there is always the chance for some wierd genetic abnormality, but my money is on the "She is just small" card! Smile Besides, it will make it eaiser to pop her out (I hope!) LOL!

Apparently, they are moving my classroom while I am out, so I have to go try to finnish packing. (Really, they couldn't get it done before I left?) Now my sub will be riffling through my things, ugh....... DEc 7th is my official last day, unless I pop early! (long story there, but boss lady is mad because she tried to push me out earlier for her convience, but I threw a hissy fit!)

I will try to be better about checking in!


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I am sorry to hear about the ups and downs with your Dad. I can't imagine how hard that must be. And I am sure that she is just a tiny girl instead of there being something genetically wrong. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Sorry that your work is trying to push you out. Mine has been doing their best to keep me here as long as possible...lol.

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So glad to hear from you! I hope things settle down around your dad. And I'm sure you just have a little petite one growing.

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Good luck w/ everything Kathryn. Thank you for checking in w/ us.

It is such a bummer that you are having to deal w/ all of these issues towards the end of your pregnancy. Things will all come into perspective though once you have that little girl in your arms. KUP on everything & remember we are here if you ever need us.

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Hi Kathryn!! I so glad you're checking back in! I wouldn't worry too much about your "little" princess... like you said, it will make her all the easier to push out! Please KUP on everything... and post more lol!