Kai's birthstory according to daddy

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Kai's birthstory according to daddy

6:15 water breaks after shower while hugging Bella in the hallway. Just waiting for Nana to come. Mommy needs antibiotics because she is GBS+

7:40 arrived @ hospital.

We then go to the triage area where we are checked by Andrea (the nurse who checked us 3 months earlier when Joy was blacking out while there we had a fun little earthquake). Checked fluid with litmus paper but it's not changing color so we think we are going home. Bright Side is that we are starving so at least we can eat.

They did an ultrasound to see if he had enough fluid and Giggles and her tech in training determine there is 10, which is plenty.

Oh well, guess we get to eat. Guess again. But lo and behold at 10:15 the nurse checked the fluid on the bedpad and surprise surprise the paper changes color. Positive for amniotic fluid!

10:35 she makes me go eat. 12 minutes later I come back and we are just waiting for a room. Poor mommy keeps saying "I'm hungry " hope you are born soon.

It's 12 and Daddy is writing down everything and Fun with **** and Jane is on tv.

12:13 Pitocin is starting now.

12:23 mommy is losing her mind to the hunger. She reads World Beef Cup on the Telly. Almost all of the commercials are for food.......WHY!

1:30 increased oxytocin to 9.0. Mommy is still hungry. I. V. Going in, amniotic fluid slowly leaking out.

2:12 we meet Dr Brooks 6'3" 285 lbs, large black man. Nice demeanor. Biggest baby catcher I've ever seen. Smile

2:20 2nd round of antibiotics, mommy is still hungry.

2:40 hard contraction

2:43 another.

3:25 hard contractions every 3 minutes commence.

3:45 finally got into room 1111.

3:55 New nurse Jenny. Need epidural stat.

4:15 increased oxytocin to 12.0 Nurse checked and mommy is at 3cm 80% -2

4:18 Dr. Brooks checks on mommy. Dr. gives a thumbs up to progress.

4:25 Finally getting epidural from Dr Chan. kicked daddy out. I hate when they do that. Ate ran to the car, grabbed the stuff.

4:45 Mommy feels much better now.

5:25 Mommy's BP dropped to 88/44

6:30 Dr checked mommy and she is at 4. Baby doesn't want to come out. Heart beat keeps dropping to 80. Doc threats C-Section.

Jenni put water back in (amnio infusion) and now he is happy. Heartbeat is good now. No more decels with contractions.

7:00 Carmen the night nurse starts.

Joy feels better and sleeps until 8:15

8:15 Joy wakes up in extreme pain, crying and asking for more epidural because she cannot feel it at all anymore. contractions increase in severity and frequency.

8:25 We ask for an increase in the epidural but we are told its too late, time to push the baby out.

Joy pushes through 15 hard contractions.

9:14 yay, you are finally born.

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I love it! Birth from dads perspective! We never get to hear/read it. TFS

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That's great!

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Love reading this from Dad's perspective! Thanks for sharing Smile

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Wow, with times and everything. He was really paying attention. Fun to see daddy's perspective. tfs.

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I loved reading this from his view!

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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Lol! I love the "yay you are finally born." GOtta love the period at the end of it, like it was no big deal! Men!!! Great story!