Kara - pic heavy (xp)

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Kara - pic heavy (xp)

In case you didn't see these on FB - here are a few of her new pictures I had taken yesterday.

And for comparison, here is Deacon just like this:

This looks like Deacon:

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**Lurker** She is a pretty little girl!! I love all the pitures!

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Ohh I love them!! So precious. Love the ones of her in just the ruffle pants and head band!

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OMG she is SO cute!!!

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So so pretty!!! Smile

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Thank you everyone. I love how they turned out. Now to just get them in frames, that's the hardest part.

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I saw these on FB. She's adorable and you look great!

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She's too beautiful!!!

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So adorable!! Love the comparison pics of her and Deacon, they do look similar! Also I love the little clenched fist. That's such a newborn thing, I am going to be so sad when Elaina grows out of it...