knowledge needed (HELP) mc ment.

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knowledge needed (HELP) mc ment.

Missed m/c @ 10 weeks- D&C performed 1/10

My LMP was 2/17 (first period since the D&C)

4 BFNs the week my period was due

1 HPT BFP the Monday following missed period (3/28)
1 + blood test for hcg @ OBs office (3/28)
2nd blood test to check for rising levels - everything was good (3/30)

Progesterone suppositories daily since.

HUGE stressful day at school - had to take a student to the ER (4/12)
Spotting lightly immediately after leaving the ER

Light bleeding last night and today (not enough to soak a pad, but there everytime I wipe, and streaking on the pad) clots passed (small and stringy)

Sono today showed a very thick uterus but no baby...corpus luteum still very much present

blood work today (results pending) and scheduled again for Friday.

I don't know if I'm pregnant still or not. Dr isn't saying miscarriage-but I've had 2 in the past so I worry. I've never bled in pregnancy before. Doc says it could be too early to see the baby. If hcg is

Is it POSSIBLE that since this was the first cycle after my loss, and D&C, that maybe I wasn't back to normal, and my "missed period" wasn't really missed-just later than usual, and so my BFPs were all UBER early? Is it possible that the timing could be so off-kilter and the stress of yesterday caused me to bleed, and the baby is really NOT 7 weeks along but more like 2/3/4 and everything is fine?

I am so drained emotionally-when I saw the blood yesterday I assumed miscarriage-I wept and cried and prayed and hollered, I went to the dr. today just to confirm and see if I was going to need another D&C...then I'm told to just wait and see?!?! Wait and see at the end of the day-then possibly (if the #s are good) wait and see again on Friday?!?!

Pregnant/not pregnant
miscarrying/not miscarrying
baby/no baby

This is like some cruel joke...I recover from the grief of our last loss, to immediately get pregnant again, and now I don't know what my status is with THIS pregnancy...sorry to ramble...but no body IRL knows about this pregnancy, and hubby's at work...I have no one to vent to but you guys...I just need input from anyone on here with any knowledge or experiences similar to what I'm going through. Help me please.

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Oh wow, I'm so sorry you're going through this. :bigarmhug:

I have been through 4 m/c of my own, however they've all been spontaneous and I don't really have any experience with early u/s, what can be seen at what point, etc.

I would say it's very likely your cycles were a bit wacky still due to the m/c you had. It's certainly possible that you are not as far along as you think you are. I definitely would not call it a m/c at this point. I have heard far too many stories of women being discouraged by an u/s, told they were probably miscarrying, then sent for another u/s a week or two later, and ta-da, all of a sudden there is a baby in there! And it turns out they are just a bit further behind than what they thought.

Hang in there mama! (I know, I know!) But really, there's nothing you can do right now, other than stay off your feet as much as possible. Think positive, take some deep breaths, and wait for your test results. And KUP!

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thank you, I feel reassured by the fact that I haven't had any cramping (I had HORRIBLE pain with my first m/c)...but then I feel foolish to get my hopes up again...

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Ok here goes. Because I have had a tubal reversal done I have to deal with a lot of blood test and U/S. From my experence your numbers from your blood test to even see a sac in the uterus needs to greater than 1200. That is to just see the yoke sac. To see the baby or as they call it fetal pole. Your numbers have to be greater than 6000. To get a really good look at baby to where you see the heart beat. Your numbers need to be greater than 12000.

Now you had a MC with DC done in Feb. Did your doc advice you to get blood work done to watch to make sure your HCG numbers go all the way down to 0. If you did not have that blood work done. The preg test could still be picking up your MC. Sometimes it takes up to 2 to 3 months for your numbers to go back down to 0. Depending on how far along the woman is when she MC's. Your being 10 weeks when you MCed your numbers where probably some where in the area of 25,000 - 288,000. That is a really long way to go before you get back to 0.

For your sake I am hoping that your numbers did bottom back out to 0 after your MC. And that your numbers now just are not high enough yet for you to see baby and sac in there yet. Good luck to you I hope everything turns out ok and I hope what I have said helps you out.

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If you're not as far along as you think, then it would make sense that the bleeding could be from implantation and the baby probably wouldnt be seen on u/s just yet. I know waiting is so tough. But hang in there. You'll know in just a few days.