Labor dreams

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Labor dreams

I've had two dreams the past week about having Kara. In the first one I was waking up from a sleep and pulling her up to my chest - almost like I had just had a VBAC and was lifting her to me - delivering her myself. But when I saw her she was fully dressed and I was so confused. I asked if I had a VBAC or csection and they told me a csection. Boo! I said "what day is it...what's the date?" and they told me it was Dec 22. I freaked out and said I had to get home by Christmas eve. LOL

Then I had a dream that...OMG....I am drawing a total blank. Stupid pg brain. I'll update this when I remember. I know it was a csection though - dang it! Think that's a big sign or what?

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Sounds kind of creepy. =/ lol. Hopefully she was at least fashionably dressed.

I haven't had any. Only one where she had just been born, was wrapped in a blanket & I was nursing her. She had a full head of dark hair, but probably only b/c my other 2 girls had a full head of almost black hair. If this one has hair it will probably be more blonde or light brown.

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I love dreams where I'm nursing my baby. I haven't really had dreams that I remember about the baby in this pregnancy.

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I have had dreams in which I've been pregnant but I've never had dreams that I've actually "seen" the baby.

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Amanda I was going to say the same thing!! Ive had one dream about Nicholas. He was just born and I was nursing him Smile I really want to have that dream again! I can't wait to have him for real.