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Experienced my first real milk leakage last night. Took my bra off because it was getting bothersome because they are getting too tight. As I was sitting at the computer I happen to look down and I had leaked milk all over my shirt! Not alot but still. I'd been having the little spots in my bra of dried milk but had never seen it actually leak. My husband got a big kick out of it when I showed him. I just reminded him that meant the baby was getting closer to his arrival...lol

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Awww momma, your body is getting ready! I think that's exciting Smile Congratulations!

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Wow - so soon! I have milk but I have to express it out. I'd hate to think of wearing breast pads already.

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I've been leaking, too, but it's the colustrum! Not too much though, Thankfully I only notice it at night because I sleep naked lol (sorry for the TMI!)!!

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Yep, I've been leaking for a month now! I get the let down feeling and everything! I actually leave stains on my bras some days. Finally bought some nursing pads, but I keep forgetting about them! It's just colostrum too, but I can leak and express it pretty much on call. lol

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Woah. Crazy stuff, huh? I had that one day about 3 weeks ago (?) when my left boob (and only the left) got that creeeeeeepy let down zap and I leaked colostrum EVERYWHERE (2 shirts and a boob pad). It went on all day. Nothing since but the little crusties that I've been getting for ages.

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I am guessing mine is just the colostrum as well. I couldn't see any color as it was a dark colored shirt so it just looked wet and it was only the right boob that leaked. I guess it's a good sign that at least I know I will have milk to feed my son!

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Wow. Crazy.

My milk took 4 days to come in last time, so I will be pretty surprised if it happens before she's born this time.