liquid calcium??? ever heard of this???

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liquid calcium??? ever heard of this???

im going to have to ask this on the natural birthing board too...

this weekend at work a met a really nice woman who is pregnant with her 10th baby. her family is part of some branch of the Mennonite community. All her babies are home births with a midwife. She said that after she had her 5th baby her new midwife suggested using liquid calcium for pain relief during labor. She said its been an absolute Godsend. i have absolutely never heard of such a thing. She said it gives a tremendous amount of pain relief.

I didn't know this, but apparently the after pains become worse with each baby. perhaps this is only relevant when you have 10 kids lol, but she said her after pains rival the pain of labor at this point. she takes the liquid calcium to get her through transition, labor, and the after pains.

i spent some time googling it and found some anecdotal stories saying that it works great for everything from labor to wisdom teeth!!

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That sounds...strange. Never heard of it.

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lurker- I have been having tremendous tooth pain and the dentist can't/won't do anything until 2nd trimester... so I think I'll look into this!! lol Smile

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I've never heard of it, but I agree the after pains are worse with each baby. When I breastfed my first baby I had no problem. I had a little pain with my second, but with my third baby I would cry for the first couple of weeks when I would feed her. Not because of sore breasts but because it was causing what felt like contractions every time I would do it... it was horrible!