Listeriosis/soft serve ice cream

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Listeriosis/soft serve ice cream

Have you guys read the updates on the cantaloupe/listeria outbreak? I'm not sure exactly which areas of the country are affected, but TX is one of them. Anyway, I ate some cantaloupe last week and the last couple of days I've been having gastro-intestinal issues (i.e. diarrhea), and I've been so run-down and tired. I looked it up and I don't think the kind I ate was at risk (I ate the pre-packaged cantaloupe chunks and from what I read, it is whole cantaloupes which are affected). So I think I've ruled that out. But I guess I am a worry-wart and I've been thinking about soft-serve ice cream, which I read a long time ago can have listeriosis if the machine it comes from is not cleaned properly. I avoided soft-serve ice cream my first 2 pregnancies but I guess that's one of those things I've given in on this one. I've had soft-serve ice cream several times in the past few days and I guess with all the cantaloupe/listeriosis talk, I'm scared that that's what I have, which would be bad news.
Are y'all eating soft-serve ice cream, and have you ever heard about this? I guess I just need some reassurance. I would hate to think my cravings for ice cream have done something horrible to my baby. Sad

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Listeria would be more serious than that, you'd feel like you have the flu. I feel like random tiredness and swinging back and forth between diarrhea and constipation is just pregnancy -- unless it's really bad! I have eaten soft serve a bunch and even the occasional bite of soft cheese and a couple of deli sandwiches. I did throw out the remaining half of a whole cantaloupe that I had started. You're far more likely to get an infection from improperly handled food. I have always been crazy careful with refrigerating foods immediately, washing the heck out of salmonella-infested chicken cutting boards and raw egg things, and avoiding eating anything served by people who aren't as careful as I am (I know lots of people who would make a mayo-based potato salad and think nothing of leaving it out for five hours, or who let chicken defrost on the counter all day).

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I had no idea about either of these things and have had plenty of cantaloupe this pregnancy and the occasional ice cream cone.

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I definitely heard about the cantaloupe as a couple of people died here in NM and it was all over the news. I'm not a melon fan, so it doesn't really impact me. In the same notice, though, there was a recall on ground turkey that I buy regularly. It just so happens that week I bought a different brand, but otherwise it was my staple brand!

I had forgotten about the soft serve ice cream, but now that you say it, I do remember it was on the no list. I don't remember any mention of it this pregnancy, so maybe it doesn't hold true anymore? I think the biggest concerns of listeria in soft cheeses and dairies is primarily around non pasteurized milk, and most milk is pasteurized these days, so probably not really that big of a deal and rare to experience issues from it. I keep eating cream cheese bc it is pasteurized and I think the risk is minimal. Mostly I eat frozen yogurt, so I'm not sure if that is in the same class. Generally, though, I eat ice cream from my fridge ha.

Hope you are feeling better! I'm sure it is unrelated and you and baby are totally fine. If you start feeling worse, like the flu symptoms, then I would call your ob/midwife.

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I hadn't heard :confused: I have eaten tonnnns of cantaloupe this pregnancy because fruit is a craving for me, and so is ice cream. I just had a milk shake last night! I hope it's all okay.

I think you are fine though, I agree I think it would feel much more serious for you!! Hope you feel better soon Smile

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Soft serve ice cream, what?! That's a new one to me! I just randomly had some today, which was probably the first time I've had it this whole pregnancy. You are probably fine. I wouldn't worry too much unless your symptoms get worse.

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Well, DS had diarrhea today too, and a slight fever tonight and is kinda snotty, so maybe it's a virus that we both have. I haven't had any more gastro issues. I'm still tired, but no fever so that's good.
Btw, I didn't mean to scare anyone about the soft serve, but you can google it and find info about it if you are interested. Apparently some OBs recommend not eating it - but neither my old OB nor my new OB ever said anything about avoiding it.
Thanks for your kind words girls!!

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Well, it stinks that you and DS are feeling crappy, but at least it seems that your mind has been eased about the ice cream. I had never heard about ice cream being a no-no, but I don't really like soft serve that much...I usually buy containers for my own freezer. Hope you're feeling better soon!

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I had not heard of either of these things... and now I'm freaked out about the soft serve ice cream thing, I had some yesterday! I should be OK though, the restaraunt is brand new lol...

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It actually used to be MY JOB to clean the soft-serve machines when I worked at McD's. Luckily, I'm a very very meticulous person, and they provided me a four-hour training session on how to do it, along with supervising me for the first couple times on my own. (It's a good 3 hour job to clean the machine properly, and REGULARLY.) Knowing all that I do, I am VERY wary about ordering soft-serve anywhere other than McDonalds. Mcdonalds has a very good training program, but there are gas stations and other less-meticulous fast food joints that just get some joe blow to clean it once a month and I would be more scared about contamination. Gross...... especially because the person cleaning it is likely getting minimum wage and could possibly care less about doing well at their job, and may not even realize how important it is to handle the ice milk properly, or how to make sure heat cycles or cleaning is done properly. So, I eat soft serve still, but I stick to the well-run McD's! Wink

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I ate soft serve ice cream all last pregnancy and this one as well....I don't know what I would do without it!

I have been avoiding cantaloupe since the outbreak though....luckily it really isn't in season anymore around here. I'm moving to apples Smile