looks like I'm adding Depends to my grocery list...

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looks like I'm adding Depends to my grocery list...

So I got to be the person who went to get checked last night "just in case" and it ended up being nothing.

I REALLY thought my water broke. Really and truly. I had just used the bathroom and had a moderate size gush of fluid when I bent over to pick something up. Guess I shifted Nick's head just enough to pee a little more.

So off we went to L+D. Did I mention we had blizzard conditions last night???? We took Luke to the baby sitters in the snow then headed to the hospital. I got hooked up to the monitor. No contractions in the 30 mins I was on it. They swabbed me, checked for ferning under the microscope, and checked my cervix with the exciting verdict of "we think you just peed yourself" :rolleyes:

I felt pretty dumb. Fortunately we didn't call anyone to say "oh this is it!!!"... I wanted to be SURE just in case it was a false alarm. We left, picked Luke up around midnight, and came home.

I guess the only good news is I'm another 0.5 cm dilated and he is further engaged just since my appt yesterday. He's at -1 station. I'm breathing sooooooooooo much better! But my belly doesnt look any different to me. Fun times.

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Ooohh I wish you got different news - he's really holding out!

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Oh, that would totally suck! But you know those nurses have seen that a million times and don't even think twice about it. I'm just bummed you got excited thinking "this is it!" and it turned out not to be.

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Carolyn I am so sorry! Like I said my test was negative for amniotic fluid for three hours. If it continues you may want to be checked again. hugs!

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Oh Carolyn Sad I'm sorry. At least you are taking it well & w/ a bit of humor. And that's great progress for such a short amount of time!! He's coming sooooon!!! I am grinning, I am so excited for your little Nick to arrive.

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Darn it! Come on baby! Come on baby! We want to meet you!

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Awww at least you went and got checked... I'm sure they have people there all the time with similar situations. Glad to hear you are dialating more AND Nicholas is moving on down Smile Less to deal with when you are in labor!

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Oh no!! I would have been so disappointed. Well, I'm glad you've had a little progress at least! Come on baby!!!!!! Biggrin