M/s...more like Night Sickness

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M/s...more like Night Sickness

So last night I broke down and took a zofran. I have been feeling queasy at night lately and last night took the cake. It's amazing how fast the memories come when you experience it a second time around. I litterally thought I was going to :puke2: all over everything. Luckily the zofran worked like a charm and the nausea was gone in about 15 min.

When do you get sick? With Nicholas I was always sick first thing in the morning and then felt fine the rest of the day. I kind of like this nighttime sickness...I don't have to deal with it at work and if it's really bad I can just try and go to sleep.

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I had been sick right away in the morning, complete with throwing up. My m/s must be subsiding, because the last 2 mornings I have been a little gaggy at the kitchen sink but it passes, I eat something, and I'm fine. It's kind of freaking me out, I just hope everything's okay in there.

As long as I keep eating little things all day the nausea stays at bay.

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mine is 24/7. its awful!! i work nights, so i dont even get a break by getting to sleep it off! i have zofran, i think it helps, but i still feel pretty sick even with it. it takes away the puking, but im still really nauseated. i cant wait to be out of this phase!!! somehow small bits of caffiene seem to help. coffee makes me so sick to even think about, but ive noticed if i can manage 1/2 a cup it really makes me feel considerably better.

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I get sick every time I eat. :confused: You would think I would be losing weight!

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I get small bouts of nausea every now and then but nothing major. Being only 6 weeks though it may hit me like a freight train in the next couple of weeks.

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That's why it should be spelled "mourning" sickness lol, because it can come anytime of the day or night. Thankfully I don't ever get nausious or throw up with any of my pregnancies (knock on wood!)... good luck, I'm glad the medicine is working for you!

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Mine is improving a little now. But I am mostly sick in the evenings Sad

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I'm sick at night right after dinner like clockwork. I eat and am throwing up within the hour...blahh!!!