Made it to 35 weeks!

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Made it to 35 weeks!

Truthfully, my due date is January 3rd, but as I'm having twins, my doctor really doesn't think I'll make it past 38 weeks. Hell, I didn't think I'd make it to 35! But I did! Can't wait for my ultrasound next weeks so that I can find out just how much they weigh.

By my calculations, I'm actually 33 weeks, since I know the date of conception. But still, 35 weeks is an accomplishment, and I'm gonna bake these babies for as long as I can!

Just thought I'd share! I know that I don't post much, but it's still exciting!

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Yay! That's an awesome milestone!

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Congratulations!! We have some serious twin-carrying ladies around here Smile Keep up the great work....

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Congrats mommy!!! Smile

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Congrats on 35 weeks! That is a great accomplishment with twins.

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Congrats!! That's fantastic Smile

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Thanks everyone! Hoping to make it past the baby shower this Saturday...