mastitis... to pump or not to pump

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mastitis... to pump or not to pump

I don't know why but I'm still over producing like crazy. I'm on day 7 of antibiotics for mastitis and was feeling better everday till yesterday. My left side is flushed hot red and oh so painful again. It is so hard and full of milk. I took Nick to bed with me last night and let him nurse that side all night. It's better today but still red hot and sore. I want so much to just pump it all out! The midwife said to pump but the lactation consultant said not to as it will make my overproduction issues worse and continue this cycle. Ugh this hurts. Advice?

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Ugh sorry you are still in pain Sad I don't have any mastitis experience but maybe just try Nicholas nursing on that side some more today and if it isn't better tomorrow try pumping a little? Good luck.

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I over produce and I have to pump and hand express or I wind up with mastitits. I wasn't proactive enough with Evan and wound up sick. This time I was much more on top of it b/c I knew what the pain meant. I'm 4 weeks PP tomorrow and have 60+ oz in the freezer - and that's not even trying LOL

Anyway what I do and this is just try and temper my supply but balance the fact I'll get clogged ducts and infections if I don't get it all out is a lot of hand expression and only pump if I'm really in trouble. When I'm engorged I nurse with both sides open and let the side the baby isn't on just run in to a burp cloth. I massage and hand express until both sides are comfortable -- sometimes it's A LOT of milk. I don't sleep in a bra. It can make a mess b/c I leak like crazy but I tried sleeping in a bra/breast pad and the engorgement was way out of control and I'd get clogs where the bra held too tight (and I'm talking a very loose fitting no underwire nursing bra). Sometimes during the day I have to bra-less too and just let myself leak. And hot showers with a lot of massage and hand expression to get all the lumps and bumps out. And when all of that fails I pump.

If it makes you feel any better I think my engorgement really peaked around 2 weeks. I'm 4 weeks tomorrow and we seem to have a good routine now. I pump 5-6oz a day and I have to wear breastpads b/c when I let down I leak. I leak at night a bit too but I don't get hard and painful. Rory still doesn't keep up with my let down but hopefully he'll get better with that.

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Katie wow thank you! That is quite helpful! I don't sleep in a bra either, ouch! I leak a lot too. I'm a milk machine this time around. I think I will go ahead and pump tomorrow if its not better. I'm just glad I'm still on antibiotics. I'm keeping him nursing on that side as much as possible. Thanks for the advice

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If you pump, only pump until you are comfortable. If you pump until you are empty you will continue to have these issues! I personally would listen to the LC, but thats just me ; )

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I don't have any advice to give you, but I sure hope things clear up!!