Mayleigh's Birth Story

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Mayleigh's Birth Story

Finally found a moment to get on the computer! Keeping up on you all via my phone.

Mayleigh’s Birth Story

Over the weekend, my blood pressure started to spiral. I was getting some high readings on Sunday night but the midwife on call told me to rest and see if it got better. By the next day I was getting better readings until that evening. I went to bed but when I woke up on Tuesday, November 15, I was consistently getting 155/95 or so on my wrist cuff. So I called the midwives office and they told me to go to the ACU to get checked.

When I got there a little after 10am, I was reading at 160/110! They wanted to monitor me for a few hours and check my blood platelets etc. My BP wasn’t going down, but luckily everything else seemed to be ok, with the exception of a slightly elevated kidney reading. I don’t know what all the scientific stuff is, but it was elevated I guess. Baby, luckily, was doing just fine.

They decided to check my cervix “ripeness” to see how well I would respond to an induction. I was already having contrax, I think about 2-3 mins apart (I couldn’t feel them) and when she checked me I was 3cm and 75% effaced. So they decided it was time to send me to L&D and start the pitocin. I was 37 weeks and 1 day!

So off I went. I was by myself as my DH was at work and my parents had an hour drive to get to me and my sister a 4 hour drive. DH had to get home and meet my parents and get DS set up with my dad, who was going to stay with him.

I asked them if they could wait to start the pitocin until my DH got there. They waited and also warned me about the possible need for magnesium sulfate and that it was a really awful drug. Pain from the contrax could increase my BP, which may then require I get the mag sulfate. So that was when I asked to get the epidural as soon as possible after the pitocin. I didn’t want to be sick and throwing up while trying to give birth.

So DH and my mom arrived around 4:30 and they started the pitocin. It was taking some time to get regular contrax. My sister arrived later and by around 10:30 I wasn’t really progressing much. I was at 3cm still the last time they checked. I told my mom and sister they could go to my house, which is 30 mins away, to sleep for an hour or so. Of course, as soon as they left they checked me and I was 6 cm. I told my DH to call them back. In 15 mins, I went from 6cm to 10 cm and fully effaced! I was ready to push but my sister and mom weren’t there yet. I ended up waiting for them! I didn’t want them to miss it! So about 30 mins later, they walked in the door not expecting me to be ready to push and the midwife told them let’s go!!!!

So I pushed on the next contrax. One more contraction and she was out! It was really easy and she came out perfectly! No jaundice, no issues with lungs, and I didn’t have any tearing or any issues at all. It was overall a really great experience.

I had to spend the next 3 days in the hospital thanks to my high blood pressure. This SOB is lingering around and just yesterday I went in to get checked and I am still at 160/100, so they upped my BP meds. Hoping this will resolve itself soon. I have to pretty much be a blob and my DH is doing everything, but he and DS have been so wonderful.

My DS has taken to being a big brother wonderfully! It was literally liked he grew up overnight. He has been so sweet, listening better, being more independent, and showing lots of love and concern for his new baby sister. Just a day after being home he told me, “I love my baby sister, Mom.” Awwwww. He is so amazing.

Mayleigh Emolene is a wonderful baby. Very calm, sweet and beautiful. I’m so much happier not being pregnant, even with the BP and the sleep deprivation.

She was born 6lbs 10.8 oz, 19.5 inches long on November the 16th at 12:14am. She would have been born on Nov. 15 if I didn't wait haha. Dark hair and the cutest little fingers and toes.

Here are a few of my fave pics.

And Jenn, I think I dressed her in pink for the first time today! Haha. I have plenty of pink in hand me downs, but I didn't buy much myself, which I bought all the NB. I need more too! She is smaller than my DS was and I wasn't expecting that.

I can't believe she is a week old already.

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What a great birth besides that scary BP! Mayleigh is adorable!

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So happy for you & your family Jules! I know you were really concerned about your LO's reaction to having a new baby in the house. I am so happy he has taken to it so well. She is so adorable & seeing these pics & hearing your birth story makes me want my little girl NOW!! I am so ready to wrap her up so she is only a blanket w/ a face, hold her, nurse her & sleep w/ her in my arms. Ahhh, to be a mommy

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I'm so happy for you! Did your dh agree to her name easily?

She is precious!!! I hope they get your BP down asap. That is scary.

How far along were you when you had DS?

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Haha Lesley on the "blanket with a face!" My DS hated being swaddled, but Mayliegh loves it so I totally see this now. And the cuddles and the way she smells... ahhhhhh. It's bliss.

Jenn... we did your rating system and I found out we were both pretty much in agreement on Mayleigh! It was my no. 1 and his no. 2, so it was decided. Smile

I was exactly 38 weeks with DS, so not much further along. I don't think I can carry babies much bigger than 6 lbs 13 oz's haha.

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Dang - I was hoping you would say you were 40+ weeks and give me some hope about going earlier this time. LOL Wink

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Aww jules!!! This is great. Welcome to the world little one! I hope your Bp comes down soon.

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Your post and all the following comments just made me cry like a baby. Congrats Jules! And welcome to the world Mayleigh!!! What a beautiful name and story.

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Jules, she's just perfect!! Congratulations! I just love all the pictures and the birth story is amazing, thank you so much for sharing. I hope everything is okay with your BP very soon!

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Wow Jules Mayleigh is BEAUTIFUL! It sounds like she was ready to come and I'm glad you are feeling better Smile

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Awwww.... Biggrin

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My DS has taken to being a big brother wonderfully! It was literally liked he grew up overnight. He has been so sweet, listening better, being more independent, and showing lots of love and concern for his new baby sister. Just a day after being home he told me, “I love my baby sister, Mom.” Awwwww. He is so amazing.

This made me cry. How sweet!! Thanks for sharing the birth story. It sounds like you had an amazing experience despite the BP issues. I hope that your BP gets back to normal soon so you can start feeling like yourself.

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Congrats again- sounds like besides the high bp that everything went well. Hope your bp gets under control soon. Enjoy your precious baby girl!