MIA...but still lurking..

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MIA...but still lurking..

So sorry ladies that I have not posted on here for sooooo long! I have been lurking though Biggrin
Like most of you, I have been so very sick these past few weeks. All I can do is work and take care of my 5-year old. My doc moved my due date to November 29th and since I am having a c-section, looks like we will be having a turkey baby!

I also had to share that I showed up at my doctor's today all ready for my 16th week appointment only to find out I was a week early :rolleyes: pregnancy brain at it's finest! Anyone else having pregnancy brain?

Anyway, I wanted to say HI again and congrats to all the December mommies! I'm sorry I have been such a lurker/slacker!

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Welcome back! I straddle the November board as well as I'm due Dec. 1!

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Put me on the pregnancy brain team!! LOL Sometimes I swear I don't know whether I'm coming or going. Even my co-workers say "pregnancy brain moment" when I do something weird.