Middle of the night woes

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Middle of the night woes

Okay for a week now I have been waking up to pee int he middle of the night. When I get back to bed I feel sick, like I am going to throw up. I usually go back to the bathroom and stay there for maybe 5-10 minutes because I am so sure I will get sick. Then it passes. it happens during the day too, but at night it is horribly annoying. What is it????

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Morning sickness can return in the 3rd tri. Maybe its a mild case?

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Or hunger. I get barfy if I don't eat right before bed and sometimes if I don't get up to eat cereal in the night.

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I have morning sickness again now. It's making me crazy. I hope it stops for you, whatever it is.

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First of all, you only get up 1x to pee?! Lucky girl! Wink I can't sleep and sometimes feel ill if I don't eat something in the middle of the night. It is the most annoying thing ever! Hope it passes soon for you.

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I'm feeling this way too...I am thinking morning sickness is coming back. Have you tried keeping a few crackers by the bed and eating those before you get up?

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I'm agreeing w/ the other ladies. Our hormones are changing again so queasiness is probably normal. Sorry it's getting to you.

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The exact same thing has been happening to me! I don't like it! Now I keep Tums on my nightstand. I hope you feel better!

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Mourning sickness... and check the spelling lol! It should be spelled this way! Unfortunately, it can come on at ANY stage of pregnancy. I hope you start to feel better soon! Check with your OB and see if there's anything that they can perscribe to you for it...