Mom's of big babies!

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Mom's of big babies!

I was wondering if any of you went through this with your new baby at the hospital.

They said that since Nick was over 9lbs they had to check his blood sugar hourly for 4 hours and then three more times after that. THEN he needed his PKU screen before we left. My poor baby got stuck 8 times. His little heels are so chewed up.

When they told me about all the sugar checks I immediately objected. Check his sugar SEVEN times??? REALLY??? I should have demanded to speak to the attending physician to see if we could compromise. After the first three came back normal I asked if we could please just do every other one since they've all been fine. The nurse just said "trust me, the doctors are very firm about this, they won't make exceptions."

Maybe it upset me more than it should. It seemed completely unnecessary. They knew I didn't have GD with him, plus he was nursing so well it seemed pretty unlikely to me that his sugar was going to drop below 40 Sad and after having so many normal results in a row... why keep going??

It was just hard. All my wishes regarding ME were followed... but I never thought I'd be having a big baby and faced with these other issues. Had I been prepared I probably would have had the courage to refuse and sign whatever paper I had to.

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Andrew didn't have his sugar checked. He was the same birth weight as Nicholas. He may have had it done once but I didn't see bandaids on his heels. They did have to stick him for the state testing thing but they did that in my room while he nursed. He didn't cry at all b/c he was nursing.

I have heard the multi blood sugar checks on large babies is common.

Sorry they had to do that.

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They checked Allie's when she was born ( 8 lbs 9 ounces and I had GD with her) and hers was low that first check. They let me nurse her and it was fine and they never checked her again.

Luke had his heel pricked so many times. SOOOO many times. His feet looked awful Sad

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That is WAY more than Evan or Rory got checked! They checked his twice! Once right at birth then once a couple hours later when both came back fine they didn't do anything again until the PKU before we left. I was expecting it b/c they checked Evan and Rory was BIGGER. But it wasn't done nearly that much! Honestly Rory didn't seem to even notice the pokes - I had a really good gal do them - but it was still far far less than your poor boy got!

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Trystan was 9lbs 1 oz, and they did the same thing with him... although it was just the four times. They had me nurse him right away (which I would have done anyway, regardless of his weight) to see if that would help, then they checked him the first time. It was way low, so they told me they needed to give him a bottle of formula, which really pushed me over the edge. I didn't want him to have ANY formula whatsoever, and I didn't want a bottle put into his mouth either, but they insisted. Then they checked him once every hour for three hours after that and of course, he was just fine. They didn't do the PKU test though, he had that done at his Dr. visit at one week old. I'm so sorry your LO had to go through that, it does sound a bit excessive.

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They did this with Harper too. But I think they only checked it 4 times. I knew this was going to happen though. My SIL had a big baby in 2009 and he had trouble regulating his blood sugar and ended up in the NICU for a week. So I learned about it then and kind of prepared myself. But my OB told me its not actually that common for big babies to have blood sugar issues, but the hospitals do it just to be sure that they didn't miss diabetes in the mother. My OB made it sound kinda like the hospitals made it out to be a bigger deal that it actually was.

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How frustrating!
Opposite problem here with my small baby. Constantly weighing him and telling me to supplement him w/formula. I let them know this wasn't my first rodeo and we would be able to supplement fine with breast milk and frequent feedings.