Most difficult thing about pregnancy..

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Most difficult thing about pregnancy..

Hi guys!
I was just sitting here discussing names with my friend this morning, and thought how difficult some people think that is... and started to wonder... what IS the most difficult part of pregnancy?

The name game?
The physical part?
The emotional/hormonal part?
The financial part??

I feel like the first time around, the name thing was what we argued most about, even though it should be the most fun and least stressful part!!
I didnt find the physical part too difficult, the hardest time I ever had was in the summer when I got the WORST sunburn possible, and couldnt stand/walk/lay... misery!! That's what happens when your a pale ghost and step out in the sun during August, and due in September!! Lesson learned..!!
I definately was an emotional/hormonal/b****y mess... But then again, I probably always am, pregnant or not... Smile
Financially I feel its a major stress, just in general thinking how much everything is, and how it's not as if I have all this extra laying around now, so how would I then?? But I was lucky and had a great job at the time and hardly any bills, (no mortgage or anything back then!) So it wasnt too hard to save up... However this time around we have a mortgage, one kid in daycare, not the best job, and NO MEDICAL INSURANCE... However, I've already saved up more this time, and just feel more secure in life in general... I feel nomatter what i WILL stress (kevin will stress more) even though in the back of my mind I know we will be just fine... I guess the "always wanting more.." type thing Smile

What about you guys?? Whats the hardest part you faced?? Or, do you plan on facing??

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I think the name holds the most stress/difficulty for us. Only b/c the other things are kind of temporary. You'd think it would be all fun butwhen 2 people get involved int he name game its like no holds barred. Lol

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The hardest part for us...and by us I mean the physical part. I was immensely uncomfortable after about 25 weeks with DS#4. He was a little ball all rolled up and held in tight! He had his feet in my left rib all the time and I could never bend over. I was very compact with him because I carried him farther back, if that makes sense. You'd never know I was carrying an 8# baby when I was 38 weeks.

I could barely breathe towards the end and the heartburn was so very terrible that I had to sleep sitting up. Also, I have c/s's so the recovery is a bit harder when everything is still 1 week pp I am great but day 5 and 6 are very hard from what I remember.)

As for financial, we're very lucky that while we think about it, it's not stressful. We've really been focusing on saving and have done a great job with that. Luckily DH works a great job, my side business brings in some money and we don't have house, credit card, or car payments as those are paid for...we do have student loans and let me tell you, law school is expensive!

Hormonal isn't too bad as I tend to speak my mind but know when I am being unreasonable so I put a pouty, funny spin on it so he knows not to take me too seriously.

Names, no problem there. He basically said that I get to name the children whatever I want because I'm the momma. His only request is to use William as the middle name as it's his family 'thing'. I didn't even do that with DS#4 as his name is William Rourke...we call him Rourke, though.

I guess I could add one more stressful part...telling family who are dealing with infertility or not able to have children now. That part is stressful for me and always makes me feel nervous. My SIL has been trying for 1+ years and has tried so many things with no success. My sister is 34 and though not married wants nothing more than to find the right guy, settle down and have children so yeah, that's always in my mind, too.

(At one point with DS#4 I guess my sister was talking to my mom and asked why I had to take her was supposed to be her getting preggo next, I was supposed to be done. Sad )

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Well, so far, it seems like the hardest part is KEEPING the pg. Sad

I had the most wonderful pregnancy with DD. Seriously, I never even had m/s, it was so awesome. I did have a lot of pain in the lower right rib cage for a while, and I had a u/s to see if it was the gall bladder. Thank goodness it was nothing more than DD's bony butt. Smile Even labour was relatively easy despite being induced. I must admit I did have to get the epidural though.

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I didn't mind labor at all, that was "easy" to me because I knew it would be over soon.

Name was easy, we used a family name. If it had been a girl, that would have been a little harder.

Finances were no problem. Both DH and I had jobs that made good money and we were ready. This time around, finances will be a little tighter as DH lost his job in December and still hasn't found anything. BUT he is a SAHD right now and I love leaving Nicholas with him instead of with daycare.

By far the hardest part for my pregnancy with Nicholas was the physical part. I worked up until the day before I was induced and that was rough. I was exhaused in the 1st and 3rd trimester, my legs/feet were swollen all the time because I didn't rest enough. Also when I was about 34 weeks thats when I got REALLY uncomfy and was pretty much miserable until I gave birth at 39 weeks 2 days. Not to mention I threw up every single day for 3 months straight in the first/second trimester. EVERY single ache, pain, trip to the bathroom, throw up session, was TOTALLY worth it though for the awesome little boy that I have right now. I would do it again in a heartbeat (and trying!).

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For me its morning sickness.

With every pregnancy it's consecutively gotten worse. With my last I was on IV several times and with the last 3 pgcy's I was on different vomiting meds. It gets so bad that I begin vomiting small amounts of blood from my throat being raw. I get sick around the clock, running from the bed even at 2 in the morning trying to make it to the toilet. I can deal with labor and delivery... names and well.. financially things just always seem to work out. Smile I have had very small bouts of nausea already but nothing bad yet. I know what's to come though.. that's almost more scary than not knowing. LOL

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"turtnjay" wrote:

r...we do have student loans and let me tell you, law school is expensive!


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I think all the parts are difficult. The easiest for me each time has been the physical. Having a new baby is always financially stressful, and the hormones, oh the hormones.... But def names are hard!! We have a boy name already, but another girl name would be hard!

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Physical aspects were the hardest for me.

I had bad all-day nausea from week 6 to week 15.

Horrible back pain from the 2nd trimester on.

I slept like crap from the 1st trimester on because of the back pain AND because I had to pee every 2 hrs over night.

To this day I can't get a full nights sleep without getting up to pee AT LEAST once during the night. I think I have overactive bladder. Beee

Swelling of the hands and feet (actually wasn't that bad, just creepy lol).

Then of course there was the acid reflux which was killer in the 3rd trimester. That didn't let me sleep either lol. I took Prevacid SoluTabs for it.

My delivery/recovery were AWFUL since I hemorrhaged. I was never afraid or nervous about labor & delivery, so the complications were a big surprise.

But feeling the baby kick is the best feeling in the world, as well as holding your little one, so I'd go through it all again any day. Smile