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So, you're going to think I'm totally crazy. Last night I was sitting in a 70* angle (about that...LOL!) talking to my dh when all of a sudden I felt two little thumps. Right away I said to dh "OMG! I just felt the baby move!" It was between my belly button and pubic bone, a little to the left. No gas bubble followed. Biggrin

I am so sure that's what it was. And then I remembered I'm not even 10 weeks -- that's like super early?!?! I need to change my ticker, but our baby was measuring 3 days ahead at the u/s last week.

With our son, I didn't feel him until 17 weeks, but I wasn't really sure what I was looking for either.

Has anybody (lurkers even?!) felt movement this early?

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I felt movement with Nicholas at 13 weeks....and he was my first pregnancy. I heard you can feel things earlier the second time around so yes, it could be!! How exciting!

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I also felt movement around 13 weeks with both kids. 9 weeks does seem super early given the size of the babe but stranger things have happened!

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I would think more like muscle spasm or something because I know the baby is super tiny! But hey, ya never know!!

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I thought i had been feeling movement for several weeks now. I do now think its just gas and other weird stuff. I had myself convinced i was further along or carrying multiles but as of wednesday we have a perfect one inch right on target with duedate baby with a hb of 175.

So now i still feel what i think fell like little kicks nad punches but i think its just gas now.

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It just happened again - only a tiny little squirm! Weird.

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I don't know... when I had my U/S Tuesday I saw baby moving like crazy but I couldn't feel a thing. I think it's too soon to feel any movement, at least for me. You have to remember, at nine weeks (even close to ten) baby is just the size of a large grape! I feel weird stuff down there, too... but at least for me I know no way can it be baby yet!