Must have been withdrawals...

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Must have been withdrawals...

While was down Biggrin

I was regularly contracting yesterday for about 5 hrs. They got closer together but never intensified then petered out right after dinner.

Im a little bummed but it doesn't surprise me to have "false" labor at this point. Just hoping I don't have too many days like yesterday and it be non productive.

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Funny I have been up all night with contractions again. But they are totally BH and not real Sad They are not painful but terribly uncomfortable I am waiting for mine to wind down also.

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I wondered if anyone would have their baby yesterday and none of us would be able to know about it! I had some contractions yesterday as well. But for me it's the pressure I feel more than the contractions. TMI warning but sometimes I just feel like I need to have a BM as the pressure in my bum is so intense. I think that's the weirdest sensation because I've never felt the pressure there before but from what I've read it's normal.

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Ugh I am so sick of false labor! I'm readoy for the real thing. Time to get this show on the road.

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There was a momma on this board who had her baby yesterday!! You ladies are going to have babies all at once arent ya lol

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Ahh too bad the contractions tapered off. You are getting close, maybe the "real" day is coming soon.

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I'm sorry it didn't turn out to be anything more Amanda! I swear every step I take now it feels like baby is going to fall right out! I can't go grocery shopping or anything anymore due to the pain... just walking from my car to my front door hurts! I haven't been having any contractions... but I feel your pain! I hope you don't get any more of those days unless it's the real thing!