My appt. today...

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My appt. today...

Hi ladies,
I was so glad to have an appt today as I have been so sick and was hoping she could help me. Unfortunately I'm going on antibiotics now, but I'm desperate! This cold has been the worst I have had in a long time and the pressure on my ears is so great I haven't been able to hear out of my right ear!!!! It is making me mental! So here's hoping I start feeling better tomorrow.

The cold and sudafed have of course spiked my BP to 130 over 84, but she didn't seem too concerned. I'm measuring 32 weeks!! Holy crap! No wonder people keep saying to me, "not much longer." I look like I'm 8 months pregnant! Jeesh. She said it is good the baby has plenty of room in there and she doesn't think I will be having a big baby.

I'm going to delay my GD testing until Friday in hopes that I'm feeling better so the test isn't skewed.

Good news is my weight gain seems to have slowed down, so yay to that. I have still gained a total of 23 lbs! :eek: haha. Oh well... c'est la vie!

And Jenn, she said I can pick up my son, but nothing else haha. I love her. She is hilarious. BUT that makes me really happy. I want to cherish this alone time with him as long as I can and I miss holding and carrying him around. Smile :) I'm glad you said something!

Baby's HR was fine, so this cold doesn't seem to be bothering her ha. Now I go every two weeks! :eek: WOW.

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Sad sorry you've been sick! No fun!
Glad you appt went well!!

OMG, 32 -weeks! Does she think baby girl will come early?

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Sorry you are feeling so crappy. Hope the antibiotics kick the cold's butt.

I have gained the same as you....just think how good people will tell us we look after we lose it all!!!! Wink

Get some rest and enjoy that little man!!!

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Sounds like a great appt! I think I like your doctor too. Biggrin

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Glad you had a good appointment! I hope you're feeling better soon Smile

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"fireflies11" wrote:

OMG, 32 -weeks! Does she think baby girl will come early?

Ha, she didn't mention anything about the baby coming early, so I guess I will just be big! I measured a couple of weeks ahead with my DS too and he did come two weeks early, so I guess anything can happen! Hopefully if she does come early, it won't be more than a couple of weeks!!!!! :eek:

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That's good that she told you its ok to pick him up. I felt the same way. I want to make sure to hold him as much as possible before my arms are full with two.

I am almost neck and neck with you on the weight gain. Crazy how fast it comes on and how slow it comes off.

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Glad the appointment went well and you got the okay to pick your son up. My daughter has wanted me to carry her more here lately and as much discomfort as it causes I still do it because I want that bonding time with her as well. I hope the meds are doing you some good and you're feeling better. I like the suggestion of the nettie pot but I am afraid that it'll make you feel like you're drowning! I hate water in my nose.

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Hopefully you'll start to feel better soon!