My appt and ultrasound today

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My appt and ultrasound today

So I went back to the doctor today for another ultrasound to see if everything was progressing, and the baby was beautiful! Baby is measuring 9w4d and has a heartbeat of 171!! It's grown SO much in the last two weeks! We could even see it's little hand! Biggrin

Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my OB for letting me come in so often? I've gotten an u/s on my last 3 visits; I'm totally getting spoiled, haha. Since I had a loss last fall my OB knows I'm paranoid and is keeping a close eye on me. I go back in two weeks to hopefully hear the heartbeat with the doppler. I'm posting the picture from today and from 2 weeks ago to show how much it's changed! Yahoo

P.S. I resized the photos on photobucket but for some reason one of them is still showing up huges...not sure what's up with that. Sorry... I'm still trying to figure all this out.



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That's awesome! Congrats on a perfect little bean!

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Congrats on a great appointment! You are lucky to see your bean so much Smile

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Awww!! Congrats, he/she is so cute already!!

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that is a great picture. You can see a lot of details in that one! Yay for a fun and good u/s!

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YAY!!! Such a cute liitle spud, there!

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Good pics! and it is so amazing how much they change in just a few weeks/days.

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Thanks guys! I know....I was really surprised to see it had changed so much. Last time it was like a little blob and now it's actually starching to look like a baby. So neat!

I think we might announce it on Facebook on Sunday since it will be Mothers day and I will be almost 10 weeks. It makes me a little nervous to put it on there but I'm excited to tell people too!

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That's so great! and wonderful that your OB is so reassuring and caring!

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Your baby is beautiful! Your OB sounds great!!

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That is awesome, what a good picture!!! Go ahead and tell on Facebook Smile I'm only a couple days ahead of you and I'm telling the rest of my family this weekend and coworkers next week!

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Congrats on a healthy beautiful baby!