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my betas

I feel like I've been walking on eggshells so far this pregnancy because of my recent miscarriage. I went in at 4 weeks for an hcg because I had a little bit of spotting. Only when I wipe, but still enough to freak a person out. My beta at 4 weeks was 548. At 4w2d, not quite 48 hours later, my beta came in at 1163!! YES!! I haven't had any spotting in a couple of days, so hopefully it was just happening around the time AF was due? I don't know - but I hope it's a thing of the past!

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Sorry about the's always scary to see but yay for doubling numbers!! Yahoo

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Those numbers sound perfect!! Yay!

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Wow, fantastic numbers!! Probably just a little leftover implantation spotting, since it was right around 4 weeks. I totally understand how worrisome it can be though, BTDT!

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awesome news!! woohoo

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:lurk: Yay Great #s Ashley! Hope the spotting stays away. :bigarmhug: