My blood pressure and other woes and Malachi's check up

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My blood pressure and other woes and Malachi's check up

Well, I am officially starting blood pressure meds. My bp was today 153/103 again! Where did my 90/60 bp go???? They told me it may be my new normal Sad I am not happy!!! I feel horrible still!!!!

I have a stiff neck, a headache, mastitis, a bladder infection, and high bp. Sad I am so unhappy and in so much pain. Will this go away? It feels awful!

Malachi was weighed today.... 8 lbs 4 oz. He was 7.4 last week. So he is doing great! Better than mommy. Which I am happy about.
His belly button is oozing, but he said it is okay as long as it is not pus. I was worried I am swaddling him too much the dr. said it is fine for the first few weeks. Also I have to wake him every 4 hours in the night and the dr. was surprised but said it is ok, just no more than 4 hours.

Anyway that is my happy/ not so happy update. I guess I still have to be seen every few days still Sad I have an appointment Monday and Friday next week.

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I am so sorry that you're recovery has been rough Sad Why do they think this BP could be a permanent issue? I am glad that Malachi is doing so well though. I am glad he's giving you 4 hours of rest because you definitely need it. **HUGS**

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I'm so sorry about your blood pressure Joy Sad I remember it took a while for my swelling to go down with Nicholas so maybe your bp will go down eventually too.

Is there a reason why they want you to wake Malachi every 4 hours? It sounds like he is growing may just be one of those lucky moms who gets a baby that STTN very early!!!

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I am glad the baby is doing so well. I wouldn't know what to do if Lucas slept for 4 hours lol.

I am sorry your are feeling so awful. Sad Maybe your bp is up because you have a stiff neck, bladder infection, mastisis ( omg, I am so scared of mastisis!) and a headache and you are stressed out! Hopefully it won't stay that way and will go back to the way it was.

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Sorry you're feeling so terrible. I hope things get better for you soon. Sounds like Malachi is doing well though...a 4 hour sleeper! Yay!

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I never asked why they want me to wake him....I guess I assumed it is for my milk supply to get established?!?!?

Another weird thing...I thought, is that the pedi gave me a prescription for a numbing cream for Kai's thighs. He said put a tooth paste sized dot on his thigh then put duck tape on it two hours before his shots. Duck tape?!?!?!?!?! Have you ever heard of this???? I cannot put duck tape on my newborn. Either way his shots will be given by our pedi that my kids have seen for almost 10 years. I just had to see this pedi while Kai was still under my medical file and insurance.

My neck feels better since I started the BP med....weird huh? Hope this fixes all Smile I am ready to be mommy and not a crying ball of pain!!!

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uh, duct tape? what? I have never in my life heard something like that. wow.

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What? Duct tape? That's a new one.

Joy, I really hope you are able to get back to normal again. You've had a rough time for months and now this. It has to end soon. Hugs

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Yikes! Duct tape? I think that would be crazy to put on a newborn's tender skin! I'm so sorry you are feeling crappy and you have high BP. Hopefully they put you on antibiotics and you will feel better in a couple of days. About the high BP- I agree w/Angela,, maybe you still have swelling that is contributing to that, and once that goes away, so will your high bp.
I'm glad Malachi is doing good and gaining weight. Our ped told us at Allyson's 2 week appt that we don't need to wake her anymore if she is sleeping through feedings at night, since she was gaining weight well. So far this hasn't been an issue - she wakes every 3 hours or so.
Hope you feel better soon!! HUGS!

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So glad to hear your little man had a great checkup!! I hope you're feeling better today!

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Feeling a bit better, but bp is now 162/107.....I am so upset about it.