my boobs effing hurt.

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my boobs effing hurt.

So there's quite a few of us who have had our is nursing going??

I am so engorged. I don't remember it being this bad the first time around. Vivi has a pretty good latch most of the time, but I'm just SO engorged! Today seems slightly better...I'm pumping a little for relief, taking Ibuprofen, warm compresses, hand expressing while she feeds on the other side, etc. etc. etc. Yesterday it was so bad my arms near my breasts hurt.

How long is this supposed to last?!?! Any other things I should be doing?

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I don't rember it lasting but just a couple days unless I went too long between feedings.

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Sorry you are in so much pain, but congratulations on the success.

You may want to kill me for saying this & idk if the others will agree, but I dont think you should pump for relief. Your body is trying to determine how much milk it needs & if you pump it will continue to over produce.

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amen! I hear ya!
My last memory of nursing was an 8-month old and it was fabulous! Hard to get used to this first few weeks of re-learning everything. Jonah has what I call a "Darth Vader death clamp" with his jaws. I swear he could crack walnuts with his mouth! I got a nipple shield that I use when it starts to hurt too much.
I was engorged at first too, but I did everything you are doing and it did get better after a few days. I think your body has to get used to your baby's milk needs.

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Lesley, I thought that too about pumping. But I have to express a little when it's really bad or she has a hard time latching on. I'm not sure if it messes with your supply this early on, but I guess I don't really care if it gives me a little bit of an oversupply. I'll take that over engorgement any day! I'm not pumping all day or anything, just enough to take the edge off.

Amy, I hope yours is better soon. I know these first few weeks are rough but will be worth it!

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I remember standing in a hot shower and letting off some of the pressure. Hope it gets better!

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Now it's coming back to me. I remember the days of being engorged & having to express to latch.

Hopefully it will taper off soon. Keep up the good work.

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The engorgement lasted for a couple of days for me. It was the worst. I pumped only once a day, 2 oz off each, took a hot shower and stood there and hand expressed some. Then they finally normalized. I had some bad latching going on at first so both nipple had sores on them too, so I was also soaking those in salt water and putting lanolin on like a crazy woman. Finally everything is going much smoother. I just need to make sure she is drinking the hindmilk more. Hang in there!

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I had a week with killer porn star boobs. I just nursed Aiden from one breast each session. I pumped just enough from the 'unused' boob to keep myself from dying. After that week it was loads better. Honestly, I took the motrin the hospital gave me for my c/s more for the killer boobs than from the actual surgery. Blum 3 Hopefully your body will adjust soon!

ETA: Warm compresses right before nursing and cold compresses after nursing were wonderful. I remember yelling at DH to throw my pad back in the freezer b/c after 10 minutes it wasn't cold enough for me. lol

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No engorgement here yet. The bleeding nips freakin hurt though! My boy has a great latch and the girl is super lazy and lost way too much weight so we are supplementing + boobs + pumping over here.

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With Nicholas, for sore nipples I got a prescription for something called "all purpose nipple cream" it had some hydrating lotion, nystatin (in case of thrush), and also some sort of numbing agent that allowed my nips to heal faster. It was ok to put it on and not wash off before the baby nursed. If I have any issues I am for sure getting some more of that stuff.

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I had that with Lauren too. I just pumped and usually almost emptied or emptied my breasts. Helped build up my stash! Not that you necessarily need a stash staying at home but I'd say just pump!

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Ashley - I pumped from the day I got home from the hospital. I'd nurse then pump or I'd pump a little and then nurse. My engorgement was like you are describing - it ached up to my arms. And my letdown was so fast that if I didn't express a little before hand then Deacon would choke or not be able to latch on.

As crazy as it seems - its a good problem to have!