naming this kid

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naming this kid

man, this is killing me, I just want a name, DH is not sticking to one.....his newest name....Gunnar. I don't mind it, but where did that come from?

Still in the running IMO:


I am about ready to just let someone else name him and call it a day!

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I know EXACTLY how you feel! LOL

For obvious reason's I love Deacon....but Gunnar is my next favorite - love that one! I've heard it before but not for a person...its a town I think?! Either way, I love it!!!

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Deacon, Nathaniel, or Mason are my favorites (in no particular order)

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"_Jessicah_" wrote:

Deacon, Nathaniel, or Mason are my favorites (in no particular order)

Me, too!

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I like gunnar, but we had a dog nammer Gunner once, so we could never use it.... As established in the other threads, I think most of us like Deacon, and I also really like Mason. Grew up with two, and they are both great guys!

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We have 4-5 names in the mix too and my DH seems to throw new ones out every day. It's getting to be problematic for me! Hope we decide on something. I have a fave, but I don't want to push him into it, so I'm trying to stay neutral.

From your list, I really like Deacon and Mason.

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I just hope this baby is a girl. We have no boy names. At all. DH has a fav but I do not like it at all. DH tends to push it alot and it's starting to piss me off!

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I like Emmett!

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Nathaniel is my favorite Smile

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I wish we had any possibilities.

Just like last time, I gave my husband a long list and he doesn't like any of them. My favorites are out of the question for him.

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I love Emmett the best for two reasons... it's a character in Twilight and it's the name (different spelling though, not that it matters!) of one of the greatest Dallas Cowboy players ever!!

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We already have a Bella, which was NOT named for Twilight, so this time when DH suggested some family names like Edward or Emmett I had to laugh. On day we will have to pick a name and that will be IT! Smile YAY!

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Maybe it'll take seeing him first before something just clicks Smile

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I have thought about getting another 4d ultrasound in hopes I would see who he is. But I would rather spend the $$ on baby stuff. It has crossed my mind though!