Need to vent!!

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Need to vent!!

So, recently we got the electric shut off at our house because DH had lost his job and I just couldn't keep up with rent, a car payment, car insurance, electric and Hot water.
Well, at that time we owed like 1000 dollars and I got an approval for a fund to give us half the bill and another fund would pick up the rest... well, this whole time I have been waiting for these grants the electric company has been tacking on late fees and all sorts of lovely stuff. so now, after all of these grants we owe 1600 MORE dollars!! How is this fair?! I am working off of 700$ every two weeks!! By myself!! I want to cry right now! So now, I have to move in with my dad. Which entails cleaning out one of the rooms in his house that he has used to storage for about 3 years. So it's so gross and probably filled with spiders and whatever else. Braiden will at least get his own room there and I will have my parents to help with him when I need a break, but still. I am very independant and now I have to live with my daddy. Sad
What really Grinds my gears is that DH's family is Soooooooo rich! They just bought three new cars (one for his mom, dad and his brother), two huge screen t.v's, a HUGE pool, and a new garage and yet they can't even loan us money to get our electric on?! WTF?! I promised I would pay them back and now they claim their "poor". I kinda took it as okay, well maybe now they're poor after buying all that...well nope! Two weeks ago ( two weeks into our electric still being turned off) DH's dad bought his wife a kayak and an IPad for her birthday! That right there was even more than how much we needed!!! GRR!!! :mad: So I am mad beyond belief and have no one to vent to because DH could care less where we live or what happens to us.

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I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this while pregnant. Its hard enough to do it while "normal" but pregnant shesh. We had our power turned off recently, for a week and it sucked. But as long as you have. You poor thing, and boo to DH family! At least loan you the money for the sake of their grandkid! Better yet GIVE you the money for the sake of their grandkid(s)

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Wow that's a really tough situation Krista :bigarmhug: It's hard when the weight of everything falls on YOUR shoulders.

What really ticks me off is your DH's family. FAMILY IS FAMILY no matter what and that is pretty crappy they wouldn't loan you guys the money when they obviously have a little to spare. I really find it hard to believe that that doesn't hurt DH. Doesn't he think that you guys deserve better????

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I'm so sorry, I know how hard things like this can be. I was laid off this past February (I was only out of work for about a month) and it put us way behind on our bills. Then two months later I found out I was pregnant again. It's a week to week struggle just to pay the mortgage, two cars, student loans, not counting credit cards, utilities, and such! And of course that leaves you to sort of dread when the new baby comes because that's just more money that you need that you don't have. It sounds horrible, I know, but I'm in the same boat here... keep your chin up!

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Wow, that's a really tough situation! I'm so sorry you are going through all that! Hang in there and I'll hope that things turn around for you guys.... xo

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I hope that things start to look up soon for you guys!

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What a horrible situation! I am so sorry. Keep plugging away, you WILL get those bills paid off! You know how to eat an elephant? A Little at a time! ( :rolleyes: I know, I know...) And it will 'taste sweeter' in the end because you did it without those nasty in-laws!

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I'm so sorry you're going through this right now! I hope things get better soon. Keep your chin up!!


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Oh I'm sorry to hear it, Krista. My boyfriend got his pink slip and I'm sure so many of us are really feeling it right now! It's great your dad is able to take you guys in for now, but I hear you on the frustrating lack of independence. Sad

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What a tough situation!!! I am so sorry you have to deal with this, especially while pregnant. I hope everything turns around for you very soon!!