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Hello ladies! I had previously posted under the name Mom2Be07. I was having lots of problems with the account. I couldn't remember my password. I did the "forgot password" and was able to get back in but then I couldn't figure out how to change the password so I could log back in. So instead of fighting with it (I did the "forgot password" 4 times) I decided to create a new account. I hope this is okay with everyone and doesn't cause alot of confusion!

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Glad to see you sticking around Jessicah Smile

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Hi Jessicah,

I stumbled across your post and asked Admin to take a quick look at your other account to see if they could see what may have been causing issues.

It appears as though the profile for your Mom2Be07 account is not complete. Unfortunately, unless ALL the required info spaces (indicated by the red *) are filled in, issues will and do arise. Once you have done this, then we recommend clearing your cookies/temp files/cache on any and all devices you log into PO on prior to logging in again... this is just to make sure there aren't any extra/corrupt cookies floating around that may cause issues.

You can find more information/instructions here.

If, however, as it appears from your OP, you are unable to get into the account, if you would like to drop an email or pm to MissyJ ([][/EMAIL]) she would be able to reset the account for you and/or merge it with this one. Simply let her know both account names, which account you would like to use, as well as the email address you want associated with the account and she can email you with new login instructions.


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welcome back.