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New here


Wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Amanda. My DH and I had decided to JLIH a couple months ago mostly b/c neither of us could decide if we wanted to have another baby. At least thats my point of view. But he wouldnt say that. Lol He's a big planner. But mentioned that he'd be okay if it did happen.

Anyway, AF was due today. I havent had any symptoms whatsoever. I have been trying to lose weight with no success and even began the Atkins induction yesterday. We DTD 2 times around O but i thought they were too far off. Once too soon and once i thought was too late. Heres chart . I wasnt temping just keeping track (i tend to forget alot:lol:)

I dont know why i even tested. But here's what i got.

So needless to say i am not on induction today.

So guys DH doesnt even know yet. But I'll tell him tomorrow when i take another test with FMU. I just still cant believe it. I've been practically non stop staring at it since i took the test. You'd think I'd have figured it out before the test beign its my 5th pregnancy.

You think i have a good chance at a girl??? .......................because I already have 4 boys. Lol

So i guess my due date would be 12/3 based on LMP which is what my OB goes by.

Cant wait to get to know you all and see lots more BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

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Hi! Congrats and HH9M to you Smile I hope you get a girl.

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OMG Amanda!!!!!!! Yahoo Congrats, girl!!! If I had any pink dust I'd send it your way but you know I don't. LOL

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LOL Thanks Christina! Sending baby dust to you! Your timing looks great!

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Yay! Congratulations! Sending lots of pink sticky baby dust your way!

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Yay, congrats mama!!! HH9M! And if you believe the male vs female sperm theories, then yep you should have a good chance at a girl Wink

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wooohoo- congrats Amanda!!!

Looks like we will be sharing the same bb again!


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"Panonim" wrote:

Yay, congrats mama!!! HH9M! And if you believe the male vs female sperm theories, then yep you should have a good chance at a girl Wink

I investigated my chart further and i had o pains on the 12th. Nearest BD was the 9th and 15th.

We probably wait until delivery again to find out! Thats so far away. But you know how time flies!

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Katherine I am sooo happy for you! And excited to share another BB with you.

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Congratulations!! Keep us posted on your dh's reaction!

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:babydustpink: Sending pink baby dust your way! Congrats!

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Congrats from one Amanda to another! Wink I've have only boys as well, so I'm needing some pink pixie dust my way too....! Oh, and a BFP would be nice as well...LOL! Smile

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heheh sending pink baby dust your way!:babydustpink: That's a nice pink line too!

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Congrats and HH9M!!

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Congrats!! Did you tell him yet?!?!?!

Have you waited til delivery to find out each time?? Wow!!!

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I took another test this morning(BFP) then i was thinking how i'd tell DH and i had no clever way. The big boys, Jacob and Ethan, came to our bed this morning (We have a queen size bed) and he was laying between them. So i was just smiling at them all and he was like "what " I said, "We are going to need a bigger bed." He said,"Are you pregnant?" I just nodded and almost cried with a smile. Then he sort of turned away with a funny smile. then looked back at me with a bigger smile, "really?" Then after he gets up i left the test on the bathroom counter for him to find if i didnt say anything before that and he brings it out and goes, "but its so light.... are you sure?" Men. I swear he has said this about every BFP. I told him that was the second one and this one was a little darker.

All day he's been talking about it. Mostly in a worried way. Planning. His normal stuff. And he wants another boy But he's happy with a girl too. He even brought up College costs. Saying Jacob will be finishing college when this one starts. I guess its just funny to me I'm not a big long term planner. I leave that to him.

Cait~ The last three were all surprises. I told DH if he wanted to find out early this time I was fine with it. Then he says its fine if we wait again. So we'll see when that U/S comes if we'll cave or hold out. I kind of want to know a little bit this time.