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New here!

Hello all, I just wanted to say hi to everyone here! I just found out that I'm pregnant with my fourth a couple of days ago. I have an eight year old son Reagan, a six year old son Maximus, and a two year old princess Liberty. A bit shocked still as this baby was not planned at all, but I never did any message boards with the other babies, so this will be exciting! Hoping for another girl, although as this will officially be my last baby, I think I want it to be a surprise! Anyway, can't wait to get to know all of you here in December! Due December 3, the day after my wedding anniversary!

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Congrats and welcome to December!! HH9M!

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Welcome!!! Our kids are pretty close in age, and this will also be our last baby. Smile

HH9M to you!!

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Congrats!!! HH9M!! I love your daughters name so cute!

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Yay a due date buddy!!

Welcome to the boards! Cant wait to get to know you through this pregnancy. Congratulations.

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@ PAmom... do I see that you already have 4 boys?? Oh my goodness, are you hoping for a girl this time? Hubby and I had 4 boys together (two he had from a first marriage, one I had from a first marriage, and we had one together) when I got prego with my last baby, and after MONTHS of praying we finally got our girl in December of 2008! I'm actually really hoping that this one will be a girl as well, because I don't want my daughter to be sandwiched inbetween lots of boys, and she needs a baby sister to play with!

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Congrats!!! HH9M to you Smile