New here, Hope to stay! misc mentioned

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New here, Hope to stay! misc mentioned

My name is Jennifer and I just found out I'm pregnant. Surprise!! I'm 41 and have children, but have been trying for 7 years to have another. I have had several misc. so I pray this is the one. We have been through the ringer and hope just when we had about given up, this is our blessing! My beta was 8,038 on thurs.. Not sure how far along but a guess would be 5 weeks or so. Ultrasound next friday. I want this one so bad but with my odds and age, it's hard to keep positive.


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Hi Jennifer! Congratulations -- and welcome!!! There's quite a few of us who are hoping we get to stay here.

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Congrats! I hope your little one is a sticky one! Good luck with the U/s and KUP!

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Congratulations Jennifer!!!!

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Congratulations and welcome!! Those beta numbers sound EXCELLENT!! HH9Ms!!

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Congrats Jennifer!!! Yahoo

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congratulations and sticky vibes!

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Thanks everyone for the welcome! I so want to stay here.

Unfortunately I have been spotting brown ,but I am still keeping the faith.


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Congratulations! Don't let the brown spotting upset you because that doesn't always mean anything bad.

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Congrats and I hope you get to stay!!! Smile

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I am new here as well Smile Sending you lots of sticky baby vibes. Spotting definitely isn't a bad thing especially if it's brown. But I know that's easier said given your history. Good luck and looking forward to getting to know you (and everybody else!)