Noah's birth story

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Noah's birth story

I thought I'd come out of lurkdom once again to share my little guy's birth story with you all. Sorry it is so long! I was writing it up for his scrapbook and figured I would share here too.

I was due on New Year's Eve and we were really hoping to make it past Christmas before having the baby. I had gestational diabetes with all of my pregnancies and was induced a week early with my other kids. I was able to talk to my midwives and OB ahead of time and let them know that I really wanted to avoid an induction this time around. Both of my other kids had to stay in the hospital for over a week under the bililights with severe jaundice (they were starting to talk blood transfusions with my daughter). I was hoping that going into labor on my own might help reduce the chance of jaundice or at least reduce the severity of it. We also didn't want to have the baby right before Christmas and then have him not be able to leave the hospital and have to spend Christmas apart. I couldn't bear the thought of leaving him in the hospital by himself, and I really didn't want to miss Christmas at home with my other kids either! Thankfully my numbers stayed okay throughout the pregnancy and I was able to keep the GD diet-controlled, so they were okay with me waiting it out until after Christmas.

On the Monday evening before Christmas (the 19th) I told my husband I didn't feel so good and went to bed. A few hours later I woke up vomiting and spent much of the night in the bathroom. While I was laying in bed that morning, I started to notice a few contractions and then realized they were five minutes apart. I was sooo sick to my stomach and couldn't hold down any liquids at all. I was feeling incredibly dehydrated and knew that was probably causing the contractions, but I was just too sick to do anything about it. I called the midwife on call who told me to head into L&D to get monitored. When the midwife came in to check me, I was 2 cm and 50% effaced. They gave me IV fluids all morning and eventually the contractions slowed. She rechecked me that afternoon and I was nearly 3 cm, 75%. She said we could go ahead with an induction if we wanted to, which we didn't, thinking that the baby would likely have to still be in the hospital over Christmas with our history of extended hospital stays. She said they could send me home but she thought we would be back in soon (like that evening) since the contractions had seemed to get things progressing. We went home and I tried to rest and take things easy for the next few days, scared that I would be going into labor at any time! Despite the midwife's gut feeling that I would be back soon, nothing happened once I got home. I had no appetite for the next four or five days and had to really force myself to eat and drink the small amount that I could choke down.

Christmas Eve I woke up and just felt different, and spent the whole day thinking this was really the day. As ready as I was to meet my baby, I was really sad thinking that I would be missing Christmas with my other babies! I made it through the day, though, and woke up early Christmas morning so excited to be able to spend the morning at home. After days and days of hoping not to go into labor, the minute the kids were done opening presents my body remembered how tired it was of being pregnant and suddenly I was ready for this baby to come out! LOL. I went from willing the baby to stay put to wondering why the heck he was not out yet in a matter of minutes! Smile

Dec. 27th I went for my 39 wk appointment and was excited that they would be stripping my membranes. We all kind of assumed that I would be in labor that evening since I surely had to have made more progress in the last week, and we figured once my membranes were stripped that would be it. When the midwife checked me, there had been no change since I had been at L&D the previous week. She was also unable to strip my membranes. I was sooo disappointed! She was very concerned about the amniotic fluid level since the baby was still ballotable and I had missed my weekly GD ultrasound when I was sick the week before. We discussed the risks of a high fluid level, and they sounded pretty scary so we agreed to schedule an induction for Thursday the 29th, which I was really hoping to avoid at all costs. I know this was likely my last pregnancy, and I really wanted to go into labor on my own for the first time and just have that whole experience like you see in the movies. Smile She sent me back to L&D for another nonstress test and u/s. We were there for five hours, and when we finally got in for the u/s, the baby was suddenly transverse after being head down for weeks. So now the induction was off and they were talking of a definite c-section and hoping to avoid an emergency one. I heard lots of scary info regarding the risks of going into labor when baby is transverse which frankly scared the daylights out of me! So now I was back to hoping NOT to go into labor. LOL. The next morning I had to go see the head OB and thankfully baby had decided to flip back around like a good little boy, so we were now back on for our induction the following morning!

When we arrived at the hospital the nurse asked about my preferences for labor, and I told her I would like to try it natural for as long as possible. I have never had an epidural - I'm basically too big of a scaredy cat to get one. With my other two kids I had phentenyl, but with my daughter it was just one dose and I was regretting it afterward thinking I could have done without, so I figured I would go as long as possible without anything this time.

They started the pitocin just before 9:00 am, and they started it very slowly since I was GBS+ and also had to get the pennicillin. Just after noon I was still only 4 cm and 50% effaced. What the heck?! I guess my babies just like me an awful lot and don't feel like ever coming out. Smile I decided to have her break my water around 2:00, and shortly after that the contractions started to get a bit more uncomfortable. My mom was in the delivery room with DH and I, journaling things for me, and at 2:45 I told her to write "stops laughing at jokes" hahaha. The whole family had gathered in the waiting room by this time, expecting the baby to arrive any minute. Frankly, I thought he would too! This was a much longer labor than my daughter.

At 7:45 the midwife came in to check me again. I was in quite a bit of pain at this point, and just SO tired! I had only gotten about three hours of sleep the night before because my daughter was sick and coughing all night long, plus just the anticipation of knowing the big day was finally here. I tried to nap throughout the morning when the contractions were milder, but I was unable to. I felt like I was ready to push and was getting sick of the contractions. LOL. I remember telling her that if it was not time to push yet that I wanted to take it all back and just go home. Haha. Well, she checked and I was only at 9. Grr! I heard the midwife say to up the pitocin a bit because she could tell how tired I was getting. I seriously did not think I could do this anymore!

About an hour later I was finally at 10 and ready to push. Again, because I was so exhausted at this point I could hardly push. With my first push I could tell I was not being effective, but I just could not manage to put any more effort into it. I was wishing at this point that they would just do a c-section, the very thought that had terrified me two days before. I think there were one or two more lame attempts at pushing. Suddenly I got this surge of energy or willpower or something, and I remember thinking that I just really needed this labor to be over, and I pushed his head right out. One more push and Noah William had arrived. He was 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 20 inches long. The nurse told me that I had pushed for seven minutes and I was shocked! It felt like 7 hours!

Noah is so incredibly perfect! He is such a good baby. He's very laid back, a good sleeper, always happy unless he is hungry or has a dirty diaper. This is a welcome change from my other colicky and refluxy babies! We also did not have the blood type incompatibility that my other kids have, just a mild case of jaundice so we were able to come home two days later on New Year's Eve; the perfect start to the new year!

Thanks for reading (or skimming! LOL! I don't blame you!!! :lol:)

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Beautiful birth story momma! I'm glad you came out of lurking and I hope you stick around!!

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Great birth story! Congrats!!!! Smile

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Congrats! Glad to hear Noah is here safe and sound!

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Congratulations! WWTW Noah!

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Congrats!! Thanks for sharing your story!

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You make it sound pretty easy! I'm so glad you didn't have to stay so long in the hospital this time and that he's such an easy going baby!!