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I am having a lot of trouble with swollen and cramped legs. I've had this on and off but the worst time was when I had to take DH to the ER the other day. I was stuck there for about 8 hrs and the entire time I had to sit in a chair and do nothing but stare at the wall in awful pain.. (not to take the show light off of him haha) But I was getting terrible terrible cramps in my shin bones and all the muscles from my knees to my toes. It was so painful to stand anywhere. They just tighten up so much and I kept wondering if I was just going to drop down to my butt at any moment.
I was hoping maybe some of you have had this problem and have some reasons why it happens, or maybe some suggestions to get rid of it while it's happening.
Just one more thing to add to the strange pregnancy symptoms list...

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I have no idea....but we are more prone to blood clots in our legs. I just read at this point the most dangerous part of traveling for a pregnant woman is deep vein thrombosis. Call you dr and see if they want you to wear the compression stockings.

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I just read that leg cramps are really common right now in pg. It just gave some stretching suggestions to use to stretch the cramp out. I've had a lot of Charlie Horses lately too.

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Potassium maybe. When you are an athlete they have you eat a lot of potassium so you do not cramp.

Try upping it in your diet. Try fitting in a few more bananas, potatoes, raisins, etc. You can look up a list online.

Also, make sure you stretch & walk to get circulation flowing in your legs!! Blood clots are EXTREMELY serious.

Here are two articles:

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You can also try liquid magnesium calcium. My midwife suggested it...a lot of people use it for relief from restless leg syndrome.

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okay... they are NOT sexy, but i bet TED compression stockings would help you out. They help with venous return of blood back up your legs and really help with cramping and swelling. they also prevent clots, but they are fantastic for the other things i mentioned as well.

they are expensive... something like 25$ a pair at the pharmacy or walmart, but you can get a prescription for them and insurance might pick up some of the cost.

I just found them on amazon for 16 a pair Smile

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That's horrible. I'm so sorry you're in so much pain. I can't offer any advice, as the only pain I ever really get is in my ankles (or cankles lol) when they swell up, but that normally only happens to me in the 3rd trimester...