NT scan at 3:45!

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NT scan at 3:45!

I'm on my way to maternal fetal for my NT scan! I'm so pumped to see the baby!! I'll keep you all posted!

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Good luck - let us know how it goes. I've never had one so I am eager to have mine too.

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Exciting! Hope to see some pictures later!

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Woowoo! Biggrin

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I am home! Everything went really well! Baby was kicking and waving and so cute! The tech guessed girl but I'm not counting on it as she wasn't too sure. The nub shot is super girly though! I didn't get the exact measurements but they said everything looks great!

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Adorable! Lucky you to get a peep so early on! Biggrin

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That's great news that everything went well!! Congrats on your (maybe/probably) girl!! Smile They told me the same thing (girl) at my NT scan. Dr. said he was 80% accurate at that point.

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I'm glad everything went well. That is amazing they can "guess" a gender so early!

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YAY for a great appt!

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Yay! Glad the scan went well. baby is super cute!

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Cool picture!

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That is great news. Congrats on your *maybe* girl!

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Congrats on a great appt! I'm so jealous that it's a girl (probably!) lol!

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Yay! Glad it went well!