Nuchal screen and belly pics!

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Nuchal screen and belly pics!

screen went well. Everything looked normal but we'll have official results in about a week.
baby is measuring 5 days ahead already! They wont change my due date even if baby starts to measure more than a week ahead from now on. They feel the earliest U/S's are most accurate. Which is probably tru. I just grow a little bigger babies than avg.

Here SHE is:

Baby was sooo cute jumping all around(kind of arching her back and pushing off my uterus) and i didnt feel any of it! I was surprised.

And at 13 weeks exactly i took this photo with my new iphone!

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YAY! I am so happy you got your girlie! And yay for a healthy baby!

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haha i dont know what gender baby is. I'm just thinking pink thoughts. Lol

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Great u/s pic! Love those little legs sticking out, so cute. You look great too! Congrats!

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Aww congrats on a great ultrasound! I can't see the pics here at work right now but I'll take a peek tonight Smile

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aw! so cute! she's soaking up every last inch, all stretched out haha! Hope "she" is a girl!!
&& your belly is so cute!!

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woohoo!!! and she looks like a BABY now! you look so cute Smile

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Love your baby bump!! So cute Smile Glad the scan went well and here's to hoping all the pink dust did it's magic!

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Amanda, you look adorable!! Love the baby pic, too. Are you guys going to find out the gender this time or going for another surprise?

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wow, they did the whole baby profile shot! how cool! your bump still looks smaller than mine haha. They moved my due date up a week too!

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Wow! It's awesome to see what our babies look like now! What a great picture! I'm glad everything looked good!

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You look great! Sending pink thoughts your way (please send them back to me as well lol!)!

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Awww you look great Amanda!!!!!!

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Congrats!! What a cute pic too Smile