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Nursery Ideas

So has anyone been thinking of decorating ideas for the baby room this early in the game? We just made an offer on a house today, so now I am dreaming of the possibilities for the nursery. I spent quite a bit of time on flickr today looking for decorating ideas. I tend to go for a hodge-podge of ideas and don't really like anything that is too theme-y. At first I was thinking that I would wait until we find out the sex to really start planning, but then DH mentioned that if we keep the room fairly gender neutral, we can just keep it set up as a baby room for when the next one comes along (we will probably try for a second baby around a year after this one is born). Here are a few that I really like:

I like the colors here and the repurposed changing table. I have a friend who refurbishes old furniture, so I have her on the lookout for an old dresser for me that can be used as a changing table.
Baby Room

This is just such a cozy space.
IMG_7694 edit

Another great space.
Baby's Room

I also love the idea of using paper lanterns or a paper cutout mobile, rather than the traditional kind that you hook onto the crib.
from the doorway

So, what's your decorating style?

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First: Pictures of Nicholas' Nursery

The plan is (for now):

If the baby is a boy: Give Nicholas a "big boy room" in the other guest room and keep the nursery the same.

If the baby is a girl: Paint the guest room a girly color and just keep the same crib bedding for baby girl. Maybe get some of the "breathable" bumpers instead of what we have because they are safer. I'm not sure yet.

Either way, we are going to need another dresser. We still use Nicholas' changing table for getting him dressed in the morning and changing diapers. I love it and want another one for the new baby.

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Those are all beautiful pictures and great ideas! We are thinking of getting a convertible crib and dresser set in white. I think our second bedroom is so small, dark wood would overpower it too much. We will stick a changing pad on the dresser and that will be our changing table, we wont have space for a standalone one. We are keeping the walls white but I plan to go nuts on Etsy and buy some cute art prints and some wall decals too!! Can't wait. Right now I'm considering a birds and butterflies theme if it's a girl, and farm animals if it's a boy.

Anyone got some good websites they like? After checking out a couple stores in town, I think I can get most of this stuff cheaper online. I like so far, free shipping and good deals on most stuff!

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I love the neutral style nurseries, but I also LOVE theme-y nurseries, which is what we plan to do. We plan on doing a Dr. Suess theme for a boy or a girl. I found "Oh, the places you'll go!" bedding for either sex and I love it! I'm also planning on painting a Dr. Suess quote on the wall : "Today you are you, that is true-er than true, there is no one alive that is you-er than you!". I'm pretty excited to get started on the baby room this summer when we find out what we are having Smile One of the perks of being a teacher--a two and a half month break from work to get lots of stuff done Smile

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No theme over here-- the room is an old trunk room with a sloped beadboard ceiling, dark wallpaper, and white wood built-ins. I've always thought it gives kind of like an old-fashioned ship's cabin feeling, and I'd be sad to change a thing. Smile

I'd definitely recommend checking out your local baby thrift store for good deals on furniture, and save your $$ for cool details and stuff that needs to be new. Baby thrift stores are awesome!

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I'm going with neutral colors. I plan on painting a big tree and hanging little mini pictures of our family on it. If its a girl I might add flowers and butterflies. If it is a boy I don't know lol. I saw a baby bedding set that had little woodland creatures on it and I like that so I might go there for a boy.

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Wow, you all are planning so far in advance -- impressive!!
I'll be moving this summer and in an ideal world there will be an extra bedroom (or at least some sort of alcove or convertible dining area) that can work for the baby. I'm with you on the teacher's summer vacation plan, I'll get everything sorted then if I can just make it to the end of the school year!

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I did DS's nursery in neutral colors so I could reuse it for our next baby. However, we never even used it for DS - his crib is in our room and he still sleeps in that. I want to leave the nursery as is and start using it for DS until the baby moves out of our room. DH wants to do a new look for it - so I have no idea what we will do.

I love the ones you posted, especially the first one.

In the 3rd one - I am trying to get DH to build a sitting room onto our bedroom with french doors. It would be similar to that one in that the baby is in your room but in their own little nook.

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Those are all cute!

I have been dreaming of redecorating the nursery. It is pretty gender neutral but bright colors. i think i want to go more neutral. It will eventually be the guest room when all the kids are bigger. I like the colors in the first pic you oposted b/c i could add boy or girl accent colors to it and i think i am leaning more towards not finding out the gender until their birthday!

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That first pic is exactly what I'm going for! The ottoman, repurposed dresser and old crib. I like the green, but I was thinking of that color for the black out shades. I don't think I will decide on a paint color until I know the gender!

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This is hopefully our last, so we are waiting until we find out what we are having. With DD I had to work around bright yellow furniture. Haven't really had time to think about this one though. I think I know what I want if it's a girl....

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I haven't really thought of it much yet. I will only have about 1 or 2 months to make a nursery before the baby is here. We are going to be moving in with my dad here in about a month or so to save up for our house. We have put a deposit down and really need to stop paying rent to afford it. So everything is all pending as far as room decor for sure.