Nursery Pictures (finally!) *pic heavy*

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Nursery Pictures (finally!) *pic heavy*

Evelyn took a nice, long nap this morning, so I finally got around to taking some nursery pics. I still want to hang some things on the wall here and there, but it's mostly done. I included some "before" pics so you can see how dreadful it looked. LOL. It's amazing what some paint will do!

2nd Bedroom


2nd Bedroom


2nd Bedroom





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I love it! The pain made all the difference! And I love the L shape of the room and the butterfly mobile. You did a great job. I bet Evelyn loves it. Smile

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It's gorgeous, you did such a nice job!!

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nice job!! Looks great!

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Wow what a transformation! Great choice with the paint. The room is so much brighter and bigger now. It looks awesome!

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The paint color really helped open up the room. I like the mobile too.

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I also like the shape of the room, and that mobile! The room turned out great - it looks so calm!

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What a great transformation! I love the soft yellow color of the walls and the butterfly mobile.

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It looks so cute!! The colours are such a unique choice, I love them.

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What a beautiful nursery Carrie!

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Did you just paint over the paneling? It looks great Carrie. Smile

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Yep, I just put on a coat of primer and then 2 coats of paint.