Nursing necklaces

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Nursing necklaces

Anybody use one? What do you think of it? Does it seem to work?

I think I'm going to buy one. Vivi is a very distracted nurser. The last couple days between getting distracted and frustrated that the milk doesn't come fast enough, she has been a bear to nurse! I had some necklaces hanging on a shelf in her room (from the game Pretty Pretty Princess) so I grabbed one of those for her to play with while she nursed. doesn't fit over my head because that game is for little So, I had to clench it in my teeth which isn't the best when she's tugging on it. It's been working enough to distract her atleast until I have a letdown, and then she's fine to chug that milk. Lol

So, who has one? Do you love it or waste of money?

Also, for those still nursing, how is baby nursing? Distracted?

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Nursing is going fine for my son. I pull a long sweater (like those thin ones that don't have buttons just a lot of material in front) around him in public if he's all over the place. When I nurse him in bed I have to protect my other nipple with a bunched up blanket and my hand or he'll try to beat, slice, pinch or scratch it off for me. But regular old nursing on the couch is just fine. I wouldn't want a necklace for him to tug on but then again he's just fine when I'm sitting up.

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Good lord Sheila - he sounds rowdy :). Ryan is really into kicking - he kicks me (hard!) while he nurses. It sucks. And he loves to pull on the strap of my tank top and let it snap back at my skin. Lovely. I was thinking about a nursing necklace just the other day. I have not used one but they sound like a good idea. I will start looking for one that isn't too expensive.

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Oh boy I need this post. I am getting so frustrated with nursing, I have to admit it. Elaina constantly pinches, pulls, scratches with her free hand and reaches for the other nipple, ugh!!!!!!!! If we are lying down to nurse, she kicks and pushes against me with her feet. In public she is so distracted she pops off all the time to look at stuff and I have a fast letdown so I spray everywhere and soak my shirt. A d lately she wants to nurse all the time. Ahhh! I had to vent. Lol. And to be on topic, I want one of those necklaces badly but the one I saw in town was $25 and that seemed crazy!

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Nursing is fine for us except that he's teething like crazy so if I offer when he's not really hungry he'll kind of gnaw on me. It's not exactly biting more rubbing his gums on me and it hurts like hell LOL Yesterday he didn't seem to want to eat at all today he ate ALL day. Babies. I've never tried a necklace but I will sometimes give him something to hold on to - even the neck of my shirt just to keep his grabby little hand occupied

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Hilary, I was looking at some on Etsy the other day and found some on sale for $10. Let me know if you want me to find the links for you. I haven't ordered one, I think I'm just going to make one using supplies I have around at home.

Vivi will NOT nurse - at all - if there's any noise around us. It's super frustrating, especially when we're out and about! She's so easily distracted. During the day I have to go into her room to feed her, she won't nurse just sitting on the couch because our son is around and playing so she'd rather watch him.