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The longest I've been pregnant. By 30 minutes and counting.

I'm really surprised. I never would have guessed baby #5 would have baked so long!

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Maybe since s/he is the last that the baby wants to make an entrance to remember Smile

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Sad I am so sorry! You seem to be taking it so well though. Stay strong!

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Hang in's only a matter of time.

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I'm really not that upset about it. Just disappointed I guess. And still shocked.

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I understand your surprise given it' baby no 5. Hang in there, it really can't be much longer now! :bigarmhug:

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Hopefully not too much longer!! I keep stalking you over here. Smile hang in there!

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Thanks for stalking me Marcia! Both your babies were late right?

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sorry to hear! You must have a warm & cozy womb Smile Come on baby, mommy wants to meet you!

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Next week at this time s/he will DEFINITELY be here Smile

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Wow, overdue with #5 and I would be shocked too!! Hope you are managing okay...and hope baby arrives very soon!! Smile