OT- Hey Mom's of toddlers and older kids

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OT- Hey Mom's of toddlers and older kids

I found this blog and love it. I'm going to keep it for when Connor is big enough to eat food. Had to share it!


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That is so cool! My 4-yr old just looked at all the lunches with me and picked out his faves, lol. I have instructions on which ones he wants me to make for him ASAP Smile

Thanks for sharing.

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I'll share with my DH as this is more up his ally than mine! We have tried playing around with presentation of the food, but it hasn't seemed to make much of a difference with my very picky toddler. Threats tend to work best for me. Wink And reverse psychology is what works for DH...

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I made bentos for a while but since I wasn't there to see him eat them I didn't continue, lol. Besides, at daycare they take everything out of the box, throw it on a styrofoam plate and serve it up. Sad

I love these ideas!

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How cute! Brynna loved looking through the different pictures. She is actually not the picky eater in the family. My 12 year old step-son is the picky one.

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Ah, the mighty Bento Box. I have no idea why, but DD LOVES these boxes! She will eat anything that comes out of those things....

This is a great site!

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Great site, TFS! I wish I had the time (or the patience!) to make cute little lunches like that for my kids!