other canadians?

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other canadians?

Hi ladies, are there any other Canadians here? Dunno what the policy is across the country, but here in BC we only get one diagnostic ultrasound at 18 weeks. If we want to find out boy/girl, we have to pay $50 and get a private ultrasound done!! :confused:

I'm so jealous of everyone getting multiple scans and getting to hear the HB so much, haha. I guess I should be happy that my GP offered to have us come in at 11 weeks and he'll try to find the HB on his little machine, even though my pregnancy isn't under his care. And I guess my midwife might do that too. But I want a look in there!

Oh well, I will just try and get lots of pictures during my one lonely scan....haha!

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Hi! I'm in Alberta. Sounds like BC is fairly strict about ultrasounds compared to Alberta. Everybody here gets the standard 18-20 week anatomy scan, and if you want to know the sex they'll tell you right then and there during the scan (we've never found out but many friends have and have told me this). And they'll print photos out for you - some labs you have to pay for them and others give them to you for free! Some u/s labs have 3D/4D machines, but you have to request them when you book your appointment. I think the majority of moms also get a 1st tri scan to confirm dates, or maybe due to a history of m/c or whatnot. Those are the typical ones as far as I know, unless you have any complicating factors necessitating other scans, obviously.

We also have those private u/s places here where you pay to have 3D scan done. They have couches and a big screen TV so you can invite your family and everyone can watch. It's not something I personally would do, but some of my friends have.

Did you see my post a couple days ago about Thyme Maternity? They have all their winter clothes on clearance right now and there are some smokin' deals. I got a bunch of tops for like $7-$9 each!

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:lurk: I'm not pregnant but I live in Ontario and with both my girls I just had the one ultrasound but they were able to tell me the sex without paying for it and give me pics but my second wouldn't behave and she guessed girl and we ended up doing the 3d ultrasound to be sure. My girlfriend wanted another one so told her doc she wasn't feeling a lot of movement and got another ultrasound to check out how the baby as doing :rolleyes: I guess you get what you pay for, since in the States they pay a lot more then we do for scans, hospital stays ect so I guess thats why they get more Wink My SIL had HUGE bills even with insurance when all I payed for was the TV and phone in my room Wink

Oh and Thyme makes GREAT nursing shirts so if there is a sale its good to stock up on some, I nursed for over a year with both so lived in nursing shirts. Congrats on your pregnancies!

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I am in BC too. This is my first time pregnant so I don't have any experience with ultrasounds, but hearing that we only get one scan makes me sad! I would love an ultrasound at 7 weeks to see the heartbeat like so many other people seem to get... I haven't had an appointment with my doctor yet (just my GP) so I will wait and see what she says. I am considering going to a private place during week 7 just to get a picture and see the heartbeat, because we plan to tell our parents on mother's day shortly after that. I am just not sure how I feel about having my first ultrasound at a "non-medical" place... they state clearly that they don't do any measurements or consultations, it's for "entertainment" only.
One ultrasound just isn't enough!

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I am from Saskatchewan and pregnant with my 4th. As far as I remember, with all 3 healthy pregnancies and no history of miscarriage, you get a dating u/s in the first trimester, and then another one in the 2nd (16 or so weeks, I think). Atleast that's what I had gotten before. They will give you as many as you need if you are high risk, or if you are overdue like I was with my oldest. And of course, you don't have to pay out of pocket for any of these, they are all covered under our health insurance.

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I'm in B.C. and found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago and since I haven't had a period since I had my last baby 5 months ago I will go and get a dating ultrasound and then a normal ultrasound at 20 weeks and all I have to do is ask if they can find out. The only charge in some places right now where I am from.

When I was pregnant with Kay I got 2 ultrasound in the very beginning due to previous m/c before her and the regular one to make sure it is all okay. I also think it depends on the doctor and what their policy is. I have a feeling if this baby sticks I might be getting more ultrasounds just because I got pregnant so quickly after having a c-section, so they will probably wont to monitor it closely.