Our gender reveal party

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Our gender reveal party

Yesterday Justin and I went to an u/s place and found out the gender of the baby. So at his bday party that evening we revealed it to everyone. We decided to skip a separate gender reveal party and just do it all at once since everyone would be at our house anyway. So as soon as we found out the gender we went to carters and got an outfit and I wrapped it up to give it to jus at the party. No one knew we had gone so everyone was shocked to find out that they were about to know what it was.

Here is how we did it. Justin opened this shirt, which had everyone ewwwing and awwwwing:

Everyone was saying "awww a boy, how fun, another boy". Then he turned it around to show them the front.

And everyone was screaming and cheering and crying. It was a really fun surprise.

Then I handed out the SHE version of these candy bars as party favors:

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I know I already commented on our bb but I just love this!!!! And those chocolate bars look really good right now! You guys are going to have such a cute little girl! I can picture her already!

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Yay!! That is a great idea, I'm glad it worked out so well!! Congrats on your little GIRL!!

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That is so awesome!!!!

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that is just awesome. i love that shirt! what a cute idea with the candy. i am going to do that when we tell my little sister the sex of this one.

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Omg that's too cute! Great idea using a blue onesie to surprise everyone. And the Hershey bars are a great idea too!

Congrats again on your baby girl!! Smile

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That is awesome!! Congrats on a baby girl!!

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Yay congrats on you little girl! I loved how you revealed it.

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Oooooooo! A little girl!!! Congratulations, Jenn! I'm so excited for you! I cannot even tell you how fun 1 of each gender is! Love how you told people too! So cute!!


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Oh wow, I love this reveal!! Both ideas are fantastic! Congrats on your girl Smile

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Thank you everyone. Its kind of surreal. I'm hoping it sets in soon. I think I said the word SISTER like 100 times yesterday to DS in hopes that he and I would both grasp that concept soon. HA

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Awww congrats!!! What a cute idea!!

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did i mention i love the Hershey's bar idea Jen?

I would have never even noticed it had both in the title. Duh, preggo brain. lol

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"lesleynka" wrote:

did i mention i love the Hershey's bar idea Jen?

I would have never even noticed it had both in the title. Duh, preggo brain. lol

Thanks. I came across it online and used it from that. I mean, who doesn't like a free candy bar?

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Great idea and congrats on your girl!!

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Congrats!! Such a cute way to surprise everyone!

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Awww, what a fun way to share your great news!!!!! Congratulations on your baby girl!!!!!!!!! :sleepygirl:

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I don't know how I missed your big news! Congratulations! What a cute way to share with your friends and family. Smile

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Yay that's so exciting! Girls are the best!

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How fun! It sounds like everyone really enjoyed your reveal! And congrats on your girl!