Outing Myself!

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Outing Myself!

I've been suspicious for 3 weeks now, and have had a HPT sitting in the bathroom drawer for about two of them. Finally pulled it out at 2:30 this morning and confirmed that I'll indeed be joining you ladies for a Christmas baby. Biggrin

Told DH with a hastily scribbled crayon-and-Sharpie Easter card. Blum 3

And, since I know lurkers love pictures of happy-looking sticks, here's mine...

Pleased to be here!

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Welcome! wow...you have some willpower waiting all that time with HPTs right there in the bathroom! Love the card too. Glad to have you on board!

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Too cool! Thanks for sharing. You gave me goose bumps! Congrats on your little tater tot! Wink Cute!

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Congratulations! You are a good artist Smile The card was cute!

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What a great idea!! Welcome to the board Smile

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hey, I know you! congratulations and welcome to december!

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On behalf of all lurkers, thank you - lovely looking digi!!! Go post it on the DYSAL board if you really want to make the lurkers happy!!!

Great card, BTW! Congrats and HH9M!!!!!

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Teehee. I'd been lurking in the DYSAL forum as well, and read the general yearning for more stick pics. But didn't think they'd a digi pic would cause much excitement... maybe I will. :o

Oh! And nice to see you again, MrsMangoBabe!

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Congratulations! I love how you told your dh!

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Congratulations! And i love the card! too cute!

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How cute! Congrats!

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Welcome to December!

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