Pain in pelvis -- am i alone?

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Pain in pelvis -- am i alone?

This is my 3rd child. I didn't realize that this would get worse w/ each consecutive pregnancy.

Last week (at only 23wks) I started getting the pelvic pressure pain. Now it already seems unbearable at 24wks. EEK!

It is a horrible burning, bruised feeling right on my bone. It is really painful to walk & pretty ridiculous when I try to turn from one side to the other in bed.

I don't remember having this much pain in my previous pregnancies. And I don't want to have to stop working out, but geez hurts!

Anyone else hurting out there?

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I'm not having the burning, bruised feeling that you are, but I'm definitely having horrible pains down there! Mine started about a week ago, and these happily go along with my horrible back pain! Come on baby! Lol...

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You know I have it - since we are twins. I started noticing some soreness there this between my legs in the pelvic area is all bruised or something. Could be because I am carrying so low - but really I have no idea.

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Isn't that what SPD is? Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction, or something like that. I don't have it but have seen lots of moms here on the site write about it. Sounds like it's a brutal pain to deal with, sorry you're going through it! Sad

I have no idea what the treatment might be but have you tried a chiropractor or physical therapist, or something along those lines?

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Having the similar pains as well. Seems almost like pinched nerves though and not bone feeling. Very uncomfortable and it wasn't like this at all with the other 2 pregnancies. By the end of the day I can barely walk and i turning in my sleep doesn't feel to great. Other than that everything else is great. I have gone for a massage but it helps the lower back but not the pelvic area pain. Putting ice on at nights have helped a bit.

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I don't have bone pain but the inner thigh region on the left side kills me everyday. I started waddling daily around 22-23 weeks Tylenol has helped me I take it at night so that I can sleep then if the thigh thing acts up during the day ill take some then too. I think this being the 5th pregnancy is what's causing the problem. Baby doesn't seem to be any larger than it's supposed to be. Maybe I'm out of alignment too.

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*lurk from Nov*

I have never had pelvic or pubic bone pain before either, but this pregnancy it is KILLER! Mine started early, at about 16 weeks. It's not so severe that I can't walk, but it does hurt a lot when climbing stairs and turning in bed at night.

My doc told me to keep my legs "glued" together when turning in bed, etc. Don't put any unnecessary strain on it. If it is really severe, talk to your doc about SPD, like someone mentioned above.