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I just went to buy paint for the nursery (or maybe we'll move our 2 year old in there... still deciding) and at Fred Meyer they carry this Dutch Boy paint that has 0 VOC emissions and has an additive that is supposed to help eliminate odors, in addition to antifungal properties. It's called Refresh.

I thought it was worth an extra few dollars. My husband likes the idea of me not dealing with stinky paint and MAYBE it will help with the diaper pail...

Just thought some of you might find this info useful.

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That's a good idea, thanks for sharing. I like the idea of low fumes, and I've never heard of the odor-eliminating element.
My husband painted our hall bath last week w/regular paint and it stunk to high heaven! It was so strong. I tried to stay on the other side of the house as much as possible but my nose is extra sensitive nowadays...bleh.

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Home Depot has a similar paint. BUt the good news is most paints are VOC free these days! Still a good idea to have fans on and windows open! Pregnant or not!

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Yea, I get my paint from Home Depot (BEHR) and I never thought to check and see if it was "fumes free" or not. I always keep the window open and have a fan going, just to be sure!