Pets and Pregnancy

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Pets and Pregnancy

So, how many of you have pets? and how are they reacting to your pregnancy? I have a dog and 2 cats. My dog is currently going through a pseudo-pregnancy. I don't know if it has anything to do with my pregnancy. Probably not, since she just came out of a heat cycle, but she has been holed up in DH's closet. She stays in there all day and has dragged all her little toys in there like they are her babies. It's pretty sad actually. I hope she snaps out of it soon.

My female cat is not happy these days unless she is sleeping on or kneading my belly, which isn't very fun if I am wearing a thin shirt, since she still has her claws. My male cat really couldn't care less, but he is pretty independent and does his own thing all the time anyway.

Also, was it difficult getting your pets acclimated to a new baby?

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Our dog tends to lay on my belly more and never leave my side. When I was much bigger with ds he would pee on my belly, ugh! But once the baby got here he was great. He never left his side and was like a guard dog.

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i have two rabbits. im fairly confident they are clueless Biggrin

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Our dogs are clueless. They are very overprotective of other kids in their lives, so I know that will hold true when the baby gets here. If my boyfriend play throws down his nephew, the female dog will bark like crazy and round up other adults to help.

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I think one of my cats knows, but not the other lol. One of mine loves to sit stretched out on my legs when I'm on the couch and have my feet up on the coffee table. He used to sit with his head at my feet, but now he sits the other way and either puts his head on my belly, or puts his paws on it. So cute Smile

I hope they will both be okay when baby gets here. They have been the centre of attention for a long time!

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We have 2 dogs and 3's a small zoo in our house. I haven't noticed any difference in the dogs, but now that you mention it, one of my cats, my male cat, has been SUPER needy since I've been pregnant. Like he sleeps with me at night and follows me around during the day and is attached to my lap when I'm sitting down. When I get ready in the morning he sits right next to the sink and purrs. It's weird.

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I don't have pets in my home, but DH's parents have two dogs and 3 cats. And one of their dog is a really old blind poodle. And she just cannot get enough of me. She can't see people but she knows it's me. (assuming she can smell the hormones because she did this my first pg too) She jumps up immediately and just whimpers until I hold her close to me. It's really annoying but funny too.

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We have a dog and she definitely knows something is going on. She wants to sit right on top of me at all times. Thank goodness she is a small lap dog anyways.

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Our female dog never left my side when Iwas pg with DD. One male never left my side anyway. The other couldn't have cared less. (Our dogs are currently with my in laws, due to construction issues)

I think the females are more in tune to that sort of thing.

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My cat appears to be in happy bliss. Clueless.

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I have a yorkie and her demeaner hasn't changed at all. She loves to sleep on my belly, but that's nothing new... and since she barely weighs four lbs it's no big deal and doesn't make me uncomfortable. We got her when my DD was about 14 months old so I haven't had her around a new baby, but I'm sure she'll be fine, she's used to kids being around!