Photos of Elaina

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Photos of Elaina

Here are a few photos of our Elaina Rose Smile finally!

Right after birth, she had fed a little and it was time to meet Daddy, looking a little grumpy though Wink

The next day. This is one of my favourite photos of her...I feel like it sums up her personality, in a way.

After a couple days at home. She's already one week and one day here!

Starting to put some good weight on Smile She's up to 9lbs 1oz as of a couple days ago!

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What a beauty! Very cute! Thanks for sharing Biggrin

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She is so beautiful! I love the photo that is your favorite, that should be framed!

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Aww! She's adorable.

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She's beautiful!!

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Aww, adorable! Congrats!

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How very sweet!

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Great photos:)

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Very cute pictures. Thanks for sharing them. I just luv the name u picked

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She is precious!

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Love the pictures...what a cutie!

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What a sweetheart! She looks like you Hilary!

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Thanks everyone! Krystal, my husband keeps saying all he gave her are her ears lol!! Poor guy!