POSA Wanted! Going insane!

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POSA Wanted! Going insane!


I'm hoping some POSA might be willing to give me their thoughts.

DH and I BD once on April 1, this was the day after Aunt Flo went home. My cycles have been wacky for awhile now. Most of the time I seem to have a 25 day cycle. Some months I'll go 27 days. My last was March 25th.

I've been feeling some crampy left side, lower back feeling and front but it comes and goes. It's not steady cramping, getting worse, like Aunt Flo is on her way. I'm also peeing 3-4 times a night but that would be normal for Aunt Flo.

I didn't want to spend a ton of money on tests since we aren't trying and only had the one night so I bought a couple of $3 tests from Family Dollar last night. It says that they compare to EPT and can test 5 days before missed period.

Took one last night around 7-8pm. It was clearly negative.
Woke up twice in the middle of the night last night, second time decided heck with it, took test two. I think that was around 4-5am.

Second test, I capped, sat down for a few seconds, picked it back up and I could swear I saw a very faint positive line. It's one of the tests that shows a +| if positive.

I figured the up and down line of the plus symbol would be dead center in the + sign (hope that makes sense). This faint line I thought I was seeing looked like it was slightly off to the left, not dead center.

I finally decided I was seeing things and put the test away.

Call me nuts, but I checked it again this morning around 7:30ish. Guess what, there is a line there! And it is off center! It's still pretty faint but I can see it better than I did when I took the test.

Ok. So maybe my imagination wasn't taking off with me.

Could this be a false positive? I'm not sure how reliable these tests are. I don't want to waste more money, Aunt Flo hasn't come to visit yet and I'm a bit concerned.

Thanks for reading the small novel here. hehe.


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If it is blue dye than that can for sure be a false positive. I would wait a few days and test again with a PINK dye test ($ tree sells them) if AF hasn't shown up.

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i dont think it matters if the line is off center. ive heard alot of people say they don't like blue dye tests. mine were always accurate though, but i know some people have had false positives with them. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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I say test again with FMU if you can in a day or two and see what comes up.